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Aaliyah: An R&B Princess in Words and Pictures By Kelly Kenyatta

For those who enjoy a good read now and then, here are a few snippet pages from author Kelly Kenyatta's Aaliyah: An R&B Princess in Words And Pictures. Obviously for legal reasons, certain parts of the book are not allowed to be displayed, but for the parts which you are able to read, please enjoy throughly! :o)


Aaliyah: If Your Girl Only Knew Ad/Poster (With Rare Photo)

And last but not least, here's a commercial print ad of Aaliyah's One In A Million album launch, using a very rare photo. I love the quotation at the top where it says "Unexplainable, unobtainable, unforgettable". Those words still have relevance to Babygirl even today. Crazy right?

Aaliyah: Written Interview From Teen People, October 2001

Here's a written article of Aaliyah describing her turn ons and turn offs of what she looked for in an ideal boyfriend and friends in general. I really love the part where she talks about 'copycats' lol! I totally agree with that 100%, since nowadays we live in a world just full of fakes. Aaliyah always kept it real and classy and rightly so.  

Aaliyah: Rare Photo

Rare photo courtesy of @msfiercebaby on Instagram. Thank you for sharing this with us all. :o) 

Aaliyah: Blues & Soul Magazine, Issue 820, July 4th – 17th, 2000

Hey guys! Hope you're all good! :o) Here are some more magazine articles featuring our beloved Babygirl. Now I know I haven't posted any live performances just yet, but I will get around to it, since I know you are all dying to see those. Patience is a virtue as they say, but I really do appreciate all of you who take the time out to read my blog, I am truly grateful. Anyhoo, please read and enjoy this written spread. :o)


Rare Photo: Aaliyah, Lil' Kim, Da Brat & Missy Elliot

Here's another one to add to the mix. Another small but rare photo of Aaliyah with female rappers Lil' Kim, Da Brat and Missy Elliot. I personally have not come across this image until now, so that is why I am sharing it with you all! :o)

Rare Photo: Aaliyah, P.Diddy & Biggie

An example of a real image, without the aid of photoshop editing. Here's a young Aaliyah during her Age Ain't Nothing But A Number era. Enjoy everyone! :o)

The Aaliyah Archives: News

When we come across pictures like the one shown above of Tupac and Babygirl, automatically we are intrigued, wondering whether the both of them ever met. Sometimes it's very hard to tell, since technology has advanced so much to the point where we can barely recognise what is fake and what is reality. When we look at magazines, adverts etc...they portray to us the perfect body image, which are so heavily edited with photoshop, that we cannot tell, unless someone tells/shows us directly. As you can see, Aaliyah's very own brother Rashad Haughton has confirmed this for all those who were curious about the topic. With that being said, it's nice to see two legends in one image who have both been very cleverly edited together in a 'real life scenario'. It's true what they so though, the good die too young. May they both R.I.P.


Aaliyah Dana Haughton 1979 – 2001: Vibe Magazine November 2001

Hey guys! Hope you're all well. I'm back with some more written articles. :o) Here's the November 2001 Vibe Magazine showcasing our beloved Babygirl's legacy, who look through her discography of music and written interviews/quotes from the likes of Q-Tip, Damon Dash, Jermaine Dupri, DMX, Missy Elliot, Gladys Knight (Aaliyah's Aunt) and more. Enjoy! :o)


Aaliyah As Featured Cameo In Naughty By Nature's: Holiday

Released: October 20th 1999
Recorded: 1999
Label: Arista

Now, since it's November, we all know that the Christmas holidays are not long to go now, so here's a little throwback for you all from Naughty By Nature's – Holiday. Because we all know we can't wait for those holidays to come! Personally for me, as soon as I see the Coca-Cola advert with the polar bears, it's officially started for me! :o) lol! But I digress, looking at the video alone, I swear...they do not make good Hip-Hop music like this nowadays. The whole vibe and flow in general has so much character and depth in comparison to the videos we encounter nowadays. But watch carefully, and you can peep Babygirl in the video too, showing off her dance skills in 'hologram' form as shown above. I gotta say, she looks really cute in this video, kind of like the 'girl next door' look. :o) As always, Aaliyah showed us how loyal she was with the people she worked with, like Treach and DJ Kay Gee. Anyhoo, play, watch, listen and enjoy! :o)


Aaliyah As Featured Cameo In Nicole Wray ft. Missy Elliot's: Make It Hot

Released: August 20th 1998
Recorded: 1997 – 1998
Label: The Goldmind/Elektra

Here's another classic 90's joint from Nicole Wray and Missy Elliot's – 'Make It Hot'. As you can see from the above images, Aaliyah is also featured in this video, amongst her fellow Timbaland crew members, showing us how it was done back in the day. Production wise, Timbaland was solely responsible for this track. Now originally, when I first watched the video, I noticed how Nicole Wray looked very similar to Babygirl with her outfit and styling. The hat, long hair, baggy clothes, I almost thought it was Aaliyah at one point, but it's not. Anyways, watch and enjoy! :o)


Aaliyah As Featured Cameo In Timbaland & Magoo's: Luv 2 Luv Ya (Remix)

Released: November 11th 1997
Recorded: 1996 – 1997
Label: Blackground/Atlantic

And here we have Timbaland & Magoo's Luv 2 Luv Ya (Remix). I have to say, I love Aaliyah in this video! The black leather outfit is just fire! And her dance moves? Could she of gotten any better? Even though her appearances were short in the video, Babygirl was killing it with the time she had. If you look more closely, you even get the chance to see other artists such as Static Major and Ginuwine, who also feature as a cameo in the video. As we all know, the Timbaland crew at the time were very tight, which shows as they were very much like family, which is expressed in the very last image above. Another throw back 90's joint to add to the mix! Enjoy! :o)

Aaliyah As Featured Cameo In Lil' Kim's: Crush On You

Released: June 13th 1997
Recorded: 1996
Label: Atlantic/Queen Bee Entertainment

Here's another old but gold track with Lil' Kim's Crush On you featuring our Babygirl who busted out some tight dance moves in this video. Now, normally I hate using the word 'swag' because it's been over used so much, but if I could define swag in the right context, it would definitely have to be in this video, where to Aaliyah's credit, she oozed 'swag appeal', but in an effortless way. Now that's true definition, when someone isn't even trying. Take notes people! 90's nostalgia at its best! Enjoy guys! :o)

Aaliyah As Featured Cameo In The Notorious B.I.G.: One More Chance/Stay With Me Remix Video

Released: May 9th 1995
Recorded: 1995
Label: Bad Boy 

Hey guys! I'm back! :o) Since it's 'Friday High day' as I like to call it lol, I'm gonna be posting some throwbacks for you all. Now you're probably wondering, why am I posting Biggie's - One More Chance video for? Well...for those who do know, Aaliyah features as a guest/cameo, alongside with others such as Mary J.Blige, Faith Evans, and many more artists.  Now, for the younger folks out there, you'll probably recognise the tune, as it has also been used in Ashanti's – Foolish. Anyhoo, I'll shall be posting more videos where Aaliyah has been featured in certain music videos so stay tuned for those, and try to see if you can spot where she is at, which shouldn't be a problem for someone who was beautiful and flawless like her. It's not surprising that Aaliyah was featured in this, since she was very close with the whole Junior M.A.F.I.A. crew as a whole, showing her loyalty at all times. Overall, an all time classic 90's joint! Enjoy everyone! :o)


Two Rare Aaliyah Photos: Shared by Damon Dash's Nephew

Aaliyah sitting next to Stacey Dash on the left.
Miami 2001 Damon's son Boogie and his Nephew with Aaliyah.

Hey guys! I'm back with some more treats for you! Here are some rare photos that Damon's Nephew shared with all the Aaliyah fans out there! :o) Now the bottom photo got me a little curious, but since this was shot in Miami, Dame's Nephew recalled that he flew over to see Babygirl shoot this scene, along with the scene where she was in the pool. The next morning, Dame's Nephew headed back to New York, where Aaliyah was also traveling but to the Bahamas, where she was obviously going to shoot the scenes from the beach and the ones on the boat. (Source – lipstickalley

Makes me sad seeing these pics, because Aaliyah always talked about wanting to have kids some day, and no doubt she would of been a great Mother. Having said that, you can see how happy everyone is, united as a family. When you have that foundation of LOVE in a home, that's all you'll ever need to create a strong bond, whether it be with your family, friends or lover. Anyhoo, enjoy these rare gems everyone! :o)