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So it seems as though another person has auditioned for this 'Aaliyah role'. She goes by the name of Keshia ChantéA lot of you will probably know her famously for her paying homage in a few magazine photoshoots, where she depicted our beloved Babgygirl. We have also encountered some fake fans who from those very same pictures, have gone on to claim it's Aaliyah (like seriously are you dumb? lol) To narrow it down, this is the girl who people have always talked about in terms of her high resemblance with Aaliyah 'looks wise'. Now I aint gonna lie, she does have 'some' resemblance towards Babygirl, not 100%, but you can definitely see it. From the picture shown below, Keshia Chanté posted a very alluring picture of herself with the caption –"The Audition"

Now, this movie has been going 'back & forth' since 2008 since The Haughton Family have not given it the thumbs up, and rightly so. When it comes to their daughter it's a very sensitive subject so people need to understand why they are so against it. What is interesting is something that I am going to share with you all right now. Courtesy to Necole Bitchie for sharing this information, but apparantly The Haughton Family have no control on whether the film gets released or not. Now hold up...can I have a 'say whaaaa' moment? Yes, you read that correctly! Some time back in 2012 Keshia Chanté revealed this saying...

Keshia Chanté: "What I will say is…I did meet a few people production company wise that are developing the Aaliyah movie and they spoke to me about playing her in the biopic of her life. And from my understanding, there are people trying to create a movie and Aaliyah’s family are still mourning her loss and aren’t ready to share her story and create a film. So there’s a bit of back and forth thing with her family and with creative people.
…unfortunately from my understanding they don’t have complete control of her estate. So a movie could technically be made without them green lighting it and I kind of think that’s unfortunate. So I want her family to be on board and to be happy with it. It’s still kind of lingering in the air. I would love to play the part. I’m a huge fan of Aaliyah…I would want to do it justice and exceed people’s expectations of it."

And there you have it! No doubt Aaliyah's Uncle Barry Hankerson has had some (infact majority) involvement in all of this, which I am sure most of you will agree on. It's just not right! My heart goes out to The Haughton Family right now because this has gone way too far! Smh... 


The Aaliyah Archives: News

Yesterday marked 20 years of Aaliyah's Age Ain't Nothing But A Number and in dedication I decided to make this with one of my favorite lyrical quotes from the song Back & Forth. In essence, this quote alone depicts exactly what Aaliyah was all about which was 'Street yet sweet'. This was the album which launched her career, so without it, we wouldn't have all the other great music alongside it, so thank you Babygirl for having blessed us with your amazing skill and talent, you truly were identical to none.

The Aaliyah Archives: News

What's good people? Hope all my readers are doing well out there! :o) Now it was only a matter of time until I gave you my own personal views on this matter, so without further a due continue to read on. If you guys remember I made a few posts about this beforehand which you can read here and here. For all those who haven't read the previous posts, I suggest you do, so that it gives you a better understanding of what's been going on. 

Now as you can see from above, a potential candidate who goes by the name of Tristin Mays auditioned for this role and expressed herself via Instagram, telling us how she unfortunately did not get booked for the role of The Aaliyah Story: A VH1 Original Movie. Personally I am quite surprised as Rashad Haughton made it very clear a few weeks back via Twitter that there was no movie happening, which leads me to believe that The Haughton Family are against the film being released. Some people have been wondering why some are not in favor of this movie being released, well the fact remains that if The Haughton Family do not agree to this movie, I too shall not be supporting it either, case closed. 

At the end of the day, we have to look at the bigger picture and realise that it's not just any type of movie, it's a movie based on a real life person, someone to whom people knew as a friend, crush, lover, sister, daughter, singer, actress, model etc... If the family are 100% for it, than by all means continue, since a project like this needs to be handled in the correct manner with the people who knew her best. I also strongly believe that if there is going to be a movie, Aaliyah deserves more than just a VH1 production, I mean she only acted in Romeo Must die, Queen Of The Damned and would of also been in The Matrix and Honey if she were still alive, so I say no more! What do you guys think? Are you yay or nay?


Snippet Of Aaliyah Track Produced By Jaylien Featuring Chris Brown

Shout out to You Know I Got Soulfavouritethingsbyazzizz and Aaliyah Always for all their reliable information that I'm about to lay out for everyone out there. As you know, I am always one for sourcing where I find my information, and never take credit for something by copping it out as my own as some people do. So I would like to make it clear that anyone who does find any information on my page, be sure to give credit to myself and others where the credit is due respectfully, that is all. Right, now that I've made that clear lets get down to business with this whole buzz that is currently happening at the moment. 

So it appears that a snippet of an unreleased track from R&B group Playa titled 'Charge It To The Game' which also features vocals from our beloved Babygirl, has been used by producer Jaylien Wesley featuring the likes of Chris Brown. You Know I got Soul had confirmed that this unreleased track was around for awhile, which you can clearly see from what Aaliyah Always had said to another fan inquiring about this track. So it looks like we are going to see another song from Chris Brown which apparently might be titled 'No Love'  judging from the video snippet below which you can view for yourselves. A quote from the video uploaded on Instagram, which Jaylien posted goes on to say this...

Jaylien: "Since Drake released a snippet of his Aaliyah contribution a couple weeks’s a sneak of one I produced, coming 2014. Aaliyah x CB x Jaylien. deleting soon."

And there you have it! Now although normally I would be happy about something like this, I don't feel it's right for someone to claim money on someone who is already deceased, especially with vocals that even us as fans have not even had the chance to hear. Not to mention having used the vocals from a Playa track. Now don't get me wrong, I think it's great hearing fresh, new vocals from Aaliyah, but one thing in mind is something we should all remember as true, loyal fans. If her family have no involvement or support around this project, than I strongly believe it should not be out. Case closed. What do you think? Do you agree or disagree? Feel free to comment below and share your opinions on this matter


Aaliyah: My Illustration

So I have been meaning to get back into my drawing again, since it's been awhile that I've let my creative juices flow freely, but I'm really happy with how this piece has turned out. I shall plan on doing more drawings in the near future too, since Babygirl is my biggest inspiration after all. I hope you guys like it! :o) (For a better view, just click on the image to zoom in!) 


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Photo courtesy of Sabrina.

So awhile ago I posted about an Aaliyah Project that Sabrina (who also goes under the name of Maximum-Aaliyah) proposed to everyone. If you don't remember, check out my last post via the link here for further information. Personally, I thought this was a great idea since it would be a nice tribute for Babygirl's AANBAN 20th anniversary, so to help spread the word I decided to help her, by promoting this via my blog page.

I'm not one to be so negative but I am highly disappointed in the lack of response towards this project. In total, there are only 12 pictures that have been submitted so far, and as you are all aware this is not a sufficient amount if it is going to be printed up as a book. We need all of you fans out there to unite and come together if we have any chance for this special project to happen, otherwise if there isn't enough pictures, well I'm afraid the whole project will not take place, and that would be such a shame right?

Originally the closing date for all submissions WAS May 5th, but you now have until May 12th to submit your AANBAN memorabilia/tribute to Sabrina via If you are stuck for ideas, here's a quote from Sabrina outlining the details for this project...

"I have only 12 pictures for my #Aaliyah project for the 20th anniversary of Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number! It’s not enough to print a whole book!  You had originally untill May 5th to send me a picture of you reppin’ the album to the fullest with your name and country by mail at:
I’ll let you until May 12th to send me more pictures cause I really would like to bring the book at Ferncliff on June to let the Haughton family know that we think about them and Aaliyah! I’m sure they’d appreciate this gift from us, her fans! If on May 12th I haven’t at least 25 pictures, the project won’t happen…
Do not forget: your picture must contain an item in reference to the album Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number (it can be a picture of Aaliyah during this era, a poster, the album, a promotional item…)! Just let shine your imagination and dedication :) ;)
Thank you to all the fans who spread the word and try to make it happen, you ‘ll be credited on the back cover of the book of course!"

Aaliyah: Original Contact Sheet Shared By Photographer Hamish Brown (June 2001, Los Angeles)

Aaliyah: June 2001, Los Angeles

Just came across this beautiful rare gem from one of Aaliyah's many photoshoots! Thanks to photographer Hamish Brown and @YoungNation92 for sharing this contact sheet with us via Twitter! Click on the picture above to zoom in full! Enjoy my fellow lovelies! :o)


The Aaliyah Archives: News

Now, before I discuss Timbalands new album, and how both Aaliyah and Static Major relate to this topic, here is a little background knowledge behind his upcoming album for this year, and the reasons as to why he changed the name. As all of you Timbaland fans know, his fourth studio album which was originally going to be titled Shock Value lll, but later changed in 2013 to Textbook Timbo during his tour with Jay-Z, this no doubt became literally a 'shock' to most people out there, but Timbaland himself explains the reason why...

Timbaland: " This is 'New Tim.' I've done some changing. I am much more in touch with me. ... I was feeling myself a little too much. When you're from the streets, you just don’t want to get close to people. You’re in a different world that you just aren’t used to. Like, I’m cool, get away from me."  

It seems to me as if we may be getting our old Timbo back again. Personally for me, since listening to his production on Justin Timberlakes 20/20 Experience album, it has clearly shown how he is heading towards the right path musically. I have no doubt that Timbo's new album will assure to have us surprised in a good way. Now you all may be wondering, so how does Aaliyah and Static fit into the picture?

Well, courtesy of +Textbook Timbo for sharing this important information, as it has come to my attention that Timbaland's younger brother Sebastian revealed via his Twitter account that a song called 'Last Nite (Interlude)' will be shown as a special tribute and dedication to both our beloved Babygirl and Static Major. Both of whom were very close friends of Timbo. Sebastian also stated and confirmed that at one point, the tribute was so moving that it had everyone in the studio teary eyed with emotion. Wow, now that's some emotional stuff right there! I can only wonder and wait patiently as to what this song will sound like. All Aaliyah and Static Major fans would most definitely wanna hear this song for sure! :o)   

The Aaliyah Archives: News

First and foremost, Happy May Day everyone! :o) Ok, so I am a bit late on this, since I have been occupied with other engagements, but just to let all my readers out there know that +Timbaland and Smoke E. Digglera have shown acknowledgment of my blog posts :D Timbo has officially liked one of my posts via Tumblr and Smoke E. Digglera from Playa has officially followed me on Twitter. Words cannot express how I feel, since both of them are an extension of Aaliyah and the closest link I have to her as a loyal fan. Even a close link to Static Major too, the man behind many of Aaliyah's greatest lyrics. I feel so happy and blessed right now, so this is a special shout out to both of you for having the privilege of working along side with such a beautiful, talented angel who touched all of our hearts. One Love <3