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Aaliyah: Hayden William's Happy Halloween Treat!

Hayden Williams does it again! The perfect Halloween treat! :o) Since I will be busy tomorrow celebrating, I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Halloween in advance! May you all get lots of sweet treats and be sure to stay safe! ;)

Aaliyah & Missy Elliott (Rare Photo Courtesy Of Unique Aaliyah)

Courtesy to Unique Aaliyah for this rare find! We Aaliyah fans appreciate this tremendously! ;)

Aaliyah: On The Set Of Romeo Must Die (Rare Photo)

Repost from @adrianholmes: "With the late beautiful #Aaliyah on the set of #RomeoMustDie. Bunny ears c/o @anthonyanderson #tbt" | Thank you so much for sharing! :D :D :D

Aaliyah Archives: My Aaliyah T-Shirt

Yes it's me. But not showing my face! :P Lol! Since I'm a very private person online. My Aaliyah t-shirt from The Homage Luxury Co! As promised, I was going to show you all my purchase. I got this awhile ago, so I thought I would share it with you all! :o) You can check them out via the link here... And yes, they do ship worldwide! ;)


Aaliyah: Signed Photo Courtesy Of Big Tigger

Repost from @bigtiggershow: "#tbt #throwbackthursday #RIPAaliyah Found this #autographed pic from her in my #storageunit #1997" Thank you so much for sharing! I love how she wrote "You so crazy" Loll! Cute! :D :o)


Aaliyah Archives: News

So this happened awhile ago, but this is the first time Rashad Haughton has ever favorited and retweeted one of my tweets. I am so fortunate and grateful right now, beyond what any words could express. The fact that he does see our messages, brings comfort to my heart. So this is just a quick shoutout to him personally. Thank you so much, you have no idea how much it means to me. #TeamAaliyah will always have you and your Mothers back no matter what. We love you unconditionally, as if you were our own family. I'm so happy Missy Elliott has kept you informed of what is going on, this alone is the only reassurance I need right now. :o)

Aaliyah: Rare Photo

Repost from @shaniceonline: "#TBT Me #Aaliyah and my mom @starvocalz Aaliyah will forever be missed." Such a beautiful rare picture. Aaliyah was always smiling no matter what. Thank you for sharing! :o)

Aaliyah Archives: News

I think I'm gonna faint! @timbaland posted my edit! :D :D :D I'm so happy he likes it! I will always feel a sense of closeness to Aaliyah, through the people she worked with. This has truly made my day! :o) I initially made this, because Timbaland had posted this selfie up on Instagram. His picture immediately reminded me of Aaliyah in her tomboy gear shown on the right. All I can say is that he definitely lives through her. :o)

Aaliyah: Graffiti Artwork

Picture credit to @loca4tlc via Twitter.

Now this is the only graffiti I wanna be seeing ;) I have seen so many people posting the graffiti image of the Biopic film. Sorry, but to me this is how it should be done. Our Queen. Identical to none. The highest most Exalted one, the best. A huge thanks to @loca4tlc for sharing this image, which is located in Lawrence, Massachusetts. Such a beautiful way to pay homage and respect. :o)


Aaliyah: On The Set Of 'Hot Like Fire' (Rare Photo)

Now this is hot like fire! ;) Repost from @aaliyahalways who came across this beautiful picture! :D Courtesy to @shotyme_stylzplay for sharing this rare gem. Thank you so much for sharing! :o)

@aaliyahalways: "#Aaliyah, @fatima_noir and dancers on the set of 'Hot Like Fire'  (Photo Credit – @shotyme_stylzplay

Diane Haughton: Vanity Fair in Irving Plaza, 2002 (Rare Photo)

Repost from @rednyc1979 who had the privilege of being invited as a guest by Diane Haughton at a Fund Raiser for Vanity Fair in Irving Plaza, 2002. So this was literally a year after Aaliyah's death. This is such a beautiful picture! Y'all look related! Lol! Repping the /.\ as you can see! Thank you for sharing! :o)

@rednyc1979: "Me and #aaliyah mom Diane. Who needs a #tbt to post an old photo. #breaking #socialmedia #habits. Hashtags....y'all are next lol" 

Aaliyah: Rare Photo

Repost from @mamasgotmoxie Thank you for sharing! :o)

@mamasgotmoxie: "me & the angel baby at her listening party many moons ago. #aaliyah #oneinamillion" 

Aaliyah: Rare Photo

Repost from @cooki29 Thank you for sharing! :o)

@cooki29: Here's a throwback for ya! One of my favorites :-) So glad I had the chance to meet this young lady....the one and only Aaliyah #rip #angel #memories #Aaliyah #ThePrincessofR&B #OneInAMillion Thanks @mamasgotmoxie

Aaliyah & Karl Kani: Rare Photo

I can't believe I've only just seen this now! Repost from @karlkaniofficial with a stylish Aaliyah. :D


Aaliyah Archives: Da Bassment Demo Tape

Photo courtesy of –

So recently, I mentioned to you all about the 20th Anniversary of Da Bassment crew. Since I have never heard these rare demo tracks before, I decided to give them a listen, and to my surprise...I came across ONE particular track where I recognised the beat/sample straight away. In fact two artists! Aaliyah (which was pretty much a no brainer, since this is an Aaliyah blog lol) and Ginuwine. This particular track features the likes of Virginia, Missy Elliott with production from Timbaland himself titled 'Let Me In Your Life'. If you listen carefully, the beginning beat sounds very similar to Ginuwine's 'When Doves Cry' on his album The Bachelor (a cover version he did of the original by Prince for those who are not familiar). Then as we get into the track more, I hear a sample which has been used in Aaliyah's 'Heartbroken' from her One In A Million album. Peep the first video below and skip straight to 16:24 to listen. I gotta say I am actually feeling this! Has such a 90's nostalgia vibe. You can also listen to some of the other demo tracks too, if you are curious. I happen to have more tracks for all those interested, so if anyone wishes to have this demo tape, email me via and I shall personally email it to you.

Anyhoo, peep the videos below to compare and contrast these sounds. I have also included the original sample which was used for Aaliyah's Heartbroken which was from 'Minnie Riperton – Inside My Love' (skip to 3:07 on the video to hear the sample)

(Credit to for the demo tape)

Aaliyah: Snippet Of 'I Can Be' (Bud'da Remix)

Ok, so normally I am not late on these kinda things, but a huge thanks to @missaaliyahdana from Instagram who brought this to my attention, otherwise I would of not known about this at all! Awhile ago, during the celebration of our beloved Babygirl's 35th Birthday, producer Budd'a, who you all know helped production wise on the red album, (along with many others) posted this audio snippet in honor of her. I can honestly say that this has given me life right now. Expect to hear new remixes in the near future! ;) We are not sure when he is planning to release these, but I will no doubt keep an eye out for when he does. He left off saying with this beautiful caption...

Bud'da: Happy 35th Birthday Baby Girl! I'm so grateful to have been your friend for a brief moment! We truly miss you #Aaliyah @therealtank @smokedigglera @zenmix @blackfromplaya @dubzworld @raptracks @staticmajor502 #babygirl #redalbum #memories #icanbe

Damon Dash: "Conversations With Aaliyah"

So I happened to come across this video of Damon Dash talking about the times he shared with Aaliyah, and also where most of his influences came from. I really admire his blunt, honesty! Lol! I guess what you see is what you get with him. Courtesy to Hip Hop Motivation Corporation for sharing this with us. Enjoy guys! :o)

(Video details and credit– Hip Hop Motivations Kenyatta "The Barber Walters Of Hip Hop" interviews Dame Dash about his deep conversations with Aaliyah while giving him a shave. Music By "The Secret To Ballin" trailer Music By ArcItype  


Aaliyah Archives: News

Big thanks to @surferguy01 for clearing any doubts that we may of had before. It seems as though Alex Shipp has been lying in regards to 'contacting' Missy Elliot, and we all know that Missy keeps it REAL. Not only is she tarnishing Aaliyah's legacy, she has the audacity to lie to one of Aaliyah's closest friends? If that's not worse, I have seen a lot of attacks lashed out on Alex Shipp's younger Brother. Now, I don't agree with this at all, since people should not be dragging her Brother for Alex's mistakes. But having said that, karma has a funny way of working. Maybe now she'll realise the hurt and pain Rashad and Diane are feeling at this very moment in time, because God bless them, they truly are the strongest people I know.

The only thing that gives me a peace of mind, is knowing that Missy Elliot keeps in contact with The Haughton's, in regards to our undying support and love. This honestly warms my heart, to the bottom of my soul. Lord knows that #TeamAaliyah has had many sleepless nights over this fiasco, but rest assure that The Haughton's know of our love, so continue to keep doing what you're doing. We all owe it to Aaliyah to keep her legacy alive, and for her to be remembered for the right reasons based on FACTS, not some other person's exaggerated version of events.

Aaliyah: Rare Photo

Repost from @dhagren (Edward Otchere) Thank you for sharing this beautiful rare gem of our beloved Babygirl! :D :o)


Aaliyah: Da Bassment 20 Year Anniversary

So as you all know, Da Bassment crew was where it all started for such artists like Aaliyah, Timbaland, Missy Elliott, Magoo, Playa, Ginuwine etc... If it wasn't for this movement during the 90's we would not of had/have such great iconic people to look up to. Anyone who was raised during that time, already knows the deal when it comes to anything during that era. The music back then was so influential and impacted everything, from what we wore, being socially/politically aware and paving the way for more female artists in both the Hip-Hop and R&B genre. 

Since I love to read interviews I happened to come across one which Trevor Banks kindly shared with me. I'm sure the majority of my American readers will know who he is, but for all my other folks out there, Trevor Banks is an Artist/DJ Anchor of Inet6 WSTR Radio. Now...this is a very special interview which took place between 2006–2008 on Banks radio show back in college, where he interviewed the whole Playa crew members – Static Major, Smoke E. Digglera and Digital Black. So without further a due, peep the interview below and have a happy read! :o)  

In 1994, at Andrew's in building in Rochester,NY, DeVante of Jodeci formed a collective called Da Bassment . The collective consisted of artists: Sista, Timbaland & Magoo, Accion, Ginuwine, Sugah, Playa, Nikki Bonz, Traedonya, Renee Anderson,Reboc, Pretty Boy, Mr Brendal, Da Boogieman,Dante Hawkins, Sarah Jo Martin, Stevie J, Derek DeGrate,Virginia Williams, Darryl Pearson, Reggi Moore, Lamar Mitchell,  and of course Jodeci. Timbaland surely mentioned Pharrell & Larry Live who were in a group together with Magoo called SBI. I also heard Malice & Pusha T were hanging around them in Da Bassment days. Da Bassment recorded several songs for soundtracks such as Dangerous Minds & Nutty Professor. Unfortunately the collective split and went on to record music as solo artists or groups. 20 years later they are still putting out music. In this blog post we are celebrating Da Bassment's 20 Year Anniversary. 

Da Bassment Interview:

1. Who Influenced you musically?

Static Major: Project Pat, Lil Flip, UGK, Lil Wayne. I listen to street music. The streets influence me.

Smoke E Digglera: I'd have to say one of major influences would be DeVante Swing of Jodeci. Also Take 6 & John P Kee.

Digital Black: My influences first would be my father and brother. Others would be Donny Hathaway, Al Green, Bobby Womack (RIP),Ron Isley, and Jodeci.

2. How did you meet DeVante of Jodeci?

Bazaar Royale (aka Da Boogieman): I just ran into the dude, he was with Timbaland and all them cats. Walked right up to De and said "WSUP" . I did my freestyle type thing, he liked, and he gave me his contact info.

Playa: Singing for DeVante, backstage at the Jodeci concert.

3. How were Da Bassment days?

Bazaar Royale (aka Da Boogieman): For me it was dope. It was like a college for artists.

Trevor Banks: Stevie J said the same thing.

Static Major: Oh maaan .. It was like music school. We all lived in the same apartment building. The studio was like within walking distance of the apartments. We were over there all day everyday.

Trevor Banks: That was in Andrew's Building in Rochester,NY?

Static Major: That's right!

Smoke E Digglera: Maan , it was just like any first phase of trying to get in where you fit in, it was raw. It was definitely a situation you could look back on and say "That was beautiful". You begin to appreciate the fact that certain things don't happen overnight. Seeing it first hand from a genius like DeVante was, as well as a multi platinum writer/producer/artist. De gave us the opportunity to work on our craft , and to get in where we fit in.

Digital Black: Yeah! it was definitely like a college. It was where me, Static, and Smoke honed in on our skills. DeVante was the type of cat that he let you learn by doing, not just watching. All of us had our own studio room, and it was just a blessing. It was like living a dream. Where one of your idols sign you, ya know. That is where we met Timbo, Missy, and Ginuwine. We all lived together for about 4 or 5 years. I have no hard feelings from that experience. Don't believe the VH1 Driven story..

4. How did the group get its name 'Playa'?

Smoke E Digglera: Hmmm ( as he sips from Hennessy & Pepsi ) That would be DeVante, just from us kickin it, sitting around listening to music, and getting to know one another. So De said "You know what, ya'll some lil playas maan, for real". So he goes "That is the name of the group...PLAYA"

Trevor Banks: What was the name of the group before Playa?

Static/Major: It was still the same guys, but locally we were called 'Touch Of Class'.

To be continued..... (We will try to add more from Da Bassment members down the road.. SO STAY TUNED) 

Damn it! Just as I was getting into it! Lol! Nice way to keep us wanting more though! ;) My favorite part had to be when they mentioned how Playa formed their name, since I have always been curious to know that, so thank you for clearing that up :o) To read the remaining parts where Banks shares some of his mixes, unreleased tracks and demos from Da Bassment crew, click on the link above where you will be pleasantly surprised! You can also get in contact with Trevor Banks via his BlogTwitterTumblr and Facebook.


Aaliyah: The X Factor

So since The X factor has come back on again here in the UK, I thought it would be appropriate to share an old video I came across awhile back of Aaliyah's 'Try Again' performance on The Rose O'Donnell Show. Now I have to say, the editing in this video is on point. This video portrays perfectly how Aaliyah would of been introduced on a live show of X Factor, if she were still around. Props to Lewwspally87 for making such a realistic edit! In their video description they go on to say this...

"I was just messing around with this edit. I am a fan of The X-Factor and I enjoy the introduction videos they play for musical guests, so I wanted to do a LiLi version. The songs chosen were based upon best recorded vocals and the songs she is best known for. I also included a performance of Try Again so the video flows normally like it does in the show. How amazing would an Aaliyah night be on this show!? Anyway, this is just a skit but I hope you guys like it."

I for one most certainly LOVE IT! Even the voice over is spot on! Anyhoo, peep the video below and enjoy! ;) :o)

Aaliyah: Rare Photo

Photo courtesy of @bahliena. Thank you for sharing this rare gem! :o)

Aaliyah: Behind The Scenes Of Try Again With Acappella

Photo Courtesy of Aaliyah's Stylist Derek Lee.

Courtesy to +illestboi syndrome for sharing this amazing video with us all! Thank you so much! Here you will find Aaliyah on the set of Try Again where she goes into detail about the song, the making of the video and her career. There is also an added bonus of Aaliyah's 'Try Again' in acappella too! So sit back, watch and enjoy! :o) ;)

Aaliyah: Rare Photo

Repost from @Yungdoughbvy Such a natural beauty! Funnily enough, I actually own a denim hat identical to the one she is wearing here. A true fashionista and trend setter! I love how she is not even trying so hard to look beautiful, she just IS! :o) 

Aaliyah: Rare Photo

Wish this picture was a lot clearer! Rare pic of Aaliyah with R.Kelly at her first show in LA!

Aaliyah: Tavarius Polk Shares Photos

Repost from @tavariuspolk who sang with Aaliyah on the song 'Never Givin' Up'. I peep Lili in the poster! :D ;) 

Karl Kani Shares Photos of Aaliyah, Biggie and Tupac

Repost from @karl_kani: "#reminiscing #KARLKANI #tupac #biggie #aaliyah #legends .."

Aaliyah: Signed Photo, R&B Legend (March, 2001)

Repost from @iambeff: "And here's the third of the late Aaliyah, this was signed in March 2001 - one of the last autographs she ever did. R.I.P  #aaliyah #rnb #legend #ripaaliyah #love #music"