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The Aaliyah Archives: News

Shout out to Sabrina for mentioning me on her AANBAN Anniversary Tribute book. I am hugely flattered and honored! Thanks girl! :o)

Hey guys! Hope everyone is all good :o) Now, if all of you remember awhile back, I mentioned an AANBAN Anniversary tribute book which was going to be personally made by Sabrina owner of The purpose of this Aaliyah Project was to bring all Aaliyah fans together from around the world to pay homage, and add their own little tribute of themselves repping the Age Ain't Nothing But A Number album. The book will be with Babygirl at her grave site, which is located at Ferncliff Cemetery, New York. Other contributions were also allowed from written poems, letters, drawings etc... So firstly, to all those devoted and true fans who contributed and helped with this project, I would like to say a huge thank you to you all! This project would not of happened without your support and help, and it's a great feeling knowing that we all came together in honor of our beloved Babygirl. Diane and Rashad Haughton would be touched and proud of all of you. 

Here are some sneak peak previews of what the book currently looks like, along with Sabrina's dedication and contribution below. Enjoy my lovelies! One love! :o) 


The Aaliyah Archives News: Stop the Rumored Aaliyah Biopic

Being a blogger, it is part of my duty to write, promote and establish facts based upon information that needs better understanding. So all of you guys are aware that yesterday it was confirmed that Zendaya Coleman would be taking the role of Aaliyah for this 'alledged' Biopic Movie. Now personally, I have no hate towards Zendaya since she herself showed admiration towards our beloved Babygirl via her Twitter page. However, I am highly outraged by the fact how no one has taken The Haughton Family into consideration. It is so insensitive towards their well being and feelings that quite frankly it just makes me sick. Even MC rapper Monie Love has expressed her views to all of us, stating the fact that if her family are not on board, neither are #Team Aaliyah. And rightly so! I am so happy she has brought awareness to everyone, because there are still a lot of people who still don't get it. So I shall leave you with a quote from the petition site which you can sign here via

Petition Description: "This petition is to stop the making of this Aaliyah biopic. It's wrong that Aaliyah's mother or brother didn't have a say so in this movie that is being made. The fans didn't get a say so and neither did any of Aaliyah's friends. As her fans, we're going to do anything in our power to stop this movie. Little do we know, this is hurting Mrs. Haughton and Rashad. They're about to make something that didn't even get approved from her family. That is beyond disrespectful. If you agree that this movie shouldn't be made, you need to vote. If you really respect Aaliyah, you have to respect her mother and her brothers wishes. It's only right. It was Aaliyah's life. And they're taking it too far now. We need to put a stop to this!" 

If you are a true fan you will do whatever it takes to spread the word and let it be known to people of what is currently happening. So I urge you please sign the petition, since we as fans need to do everything that we possibly can in order to help support Diane and Rashad. Let's put a stop to this once and for all guys! I would also like to add a quote from TheReal_Ness via They speak truth and 'realness' in what they say, so it was only right that I share it with you all! If this message doesn't sink in, I don't know what else will. Please take the time to read, understand and share. One love. <3

TheReal_Ness: "Some of you all are missing the big picture here. This has not a damn thing to do with music, legacy, none of that shit. I'm going to say it straight from how it was said to me. It's not about protecting anything. Diane is still grieving. I don't think some of you understand exactly how close Aaliyah was to her family--particularly Diane, Rashad, and her father. Especially her Mother. Diane hasn't been to the mausoleum in YEARS. She simply cannot go anymore. Do you know that when they were burying Michael (who is right above Aaliyah), she didn't even go in? She stayed outside for the interment. This woman's pain is raw and still very much real, over a decade later. Furthermore, Barry and her are NOT on speaking terms! There has been some bad blood there for a long time now, and you all don't understand that either. Diane wants no part of the industry that she feels is responsible for her child losing her life. To hell with a biopic, unreleased music, all of that. She wants no part of it. She is not one of those people who wants to capitalize off of a tragedy, especially regarding her own daughter. I've said it before man, the Haughtons are good people, down to earth, and warm. And they're still hurting." 


The Aaliyah Archives News: Damon Dash On Missing Aaliyah


After 13 years since Aaliyah has passed away, Damon Dash who was dating Aaliyah at the time, expressed his undenying love and feelings for her via his Instagram page. He left a caption saying...

Damon Dash: "Nothing better then laughing with your chick #trulove #misshereveryday #thebestthateverdidit."

I personally don't see this as a surprise since it is always hard losing someone who you care and love for dearly. Judging by the hash tags it is obvious to see. When you truly love someone, you never really get over them, you just learn how to live without them. We as fans will always remember where we were when we first heard the news on Aaliyah's death. But imagine what all of her close friends and family felt? In Damon Dash's case, his love was more than just a friend and beyond a family member. All I can say is that any picture I have ever seen with both of them together, Aaliyah was at her most happiest, always smiling and laughing without a care in the world.

The Aaliyah Archives: News

Just a quick shout out to Hip-Hop's original icon Queen Lil' Kim and Smoke E. Digglera from R&B group Playa for showing the recognition and love. Never would I have imagined this happening. My blog which merely started out as something as a hobby, has taken notice to those who were close to Aaliyah. The very fact that these two got to work with our beloved Babygirl means everything to me, so I am truly grateful. Thank you guys! :o)

Aaliyah: AANBAN Promotional Poster

Hey guys! I know it's been awhile since I last posted. But for all of those who follow me via Twitter>>> @AaliyahArchives you would already know that I have been having some technical difficulties with my laptop, but alas I have finally managed to find a way to write up my posts again :o) So I thought it's been a minute since I posted any posters so here's the Official Age Ain't Nothing But A Number promotional poster for Aaliyah's very first studio album. Enjoy! :o)