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Aaliyah: Detroit School Of Arts, Christmas Concert at DIA, 1993 (Rare Photo)

🔁 via @djicentric: “#TBT I don’t have a whole lot of old pics, as regrettably I didn’t jump infront of the camera much back in High School. However this one popped up a few days ago. DSA Christmas Concert…..December ‘93 at the DIA in Detroit. A young @djicentric along with my closest road dog and fellow Numberz member Darius doing what we did backstage at those school events. The young lady who’s posing with me?!?! An amazing vocalist in her own right @korye_ann And does anybody recognize the young Starlet to the left that my mans is holding tight? Yup! That is #Aaliyah About 6 months from this date 👆 she was a Superstar. Those were the Good 'ol Days! #dsa #ripaaliyah” | Woww what a gorgeous rare gem! 😩😍❤ Thank you so much for sharing with us all! And thanks @danas_angels for the tag! 😘❤