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Win Original Jonathan Mannion Photos Courtesy Of ''

A big shoutout to AaliyahAlways for bringing this article to my attention. Here's another beautifully written article courtesy of who shared their own personal memories on their first ever encounter with our beloved Babygirl! :o)

"I’ll never forget the first time I met Aaliyah. It was the year 1999 and I was at a recording studio with my then partner Swizz Beats. We were gearing up to work on her third and final self-titled studio album and Swizz and I had just finished producing “Gotta Man”.
We had made the record while on a tour bus, brought it home and played it for Aaliyah that day. Aaliyah loved the track but she didn’t move fast enough. We then gave the record to our in-house artist Eve. The rest is history.  
From the moment I met her, Aaliyah’s natural beauty, soft spoken voice + bubbly but super laid back personality captivated me. My personal memories with her are all full of smiles. She was a very special woman and her energy lit up a room. Over a decade has passed since she left us and her legacy remains.
As Women’s History Month winds down, I’d like to remember Aaliyah with a special giveaway.
Aaliyah’s last and final photo shoot took place with celebrity photographer Jonathan Mannion in 2001. As we remember Aaliyah and celebrate the end of Women’s History Month, I am hosting a special giveaway of one these last photos."
For more details, please visit the link here to enter for your chance to win this limited edition contact sheet from photographer Jonathan Mannion! Good luck! :D

Fatima Robinson: Talks On Aaliyah and Her Legacy

Came across a nice written article today from Essence talking with Fatima Noir on Aaliyah’s legacy and her new plans on a project regarding a 90s, nostalgic television show for NBC. You go girl! Aaliyah’s legacy will always remain through her fans, and it’s nice to know that after all these years, she is remembered in a positive light! 🙏💚 You can view the full article via the link here.


Eric Johnson: Official Aaliyah Merch (Part 2)

Sneak peak of Eric Johnson's Aaliyah series part 2! Look how gorgeous she looks! I can't stop staring at these amazing unreleased pics! Thanks @weloveaaliyahhaughton for the tag 😘💕 

Aaliyah: Rare Photo

🔁 via @nynightclubbing 😍😄💕 Thank you so much for sharing! And thanks @idreamofaaliyah and @aaliyahalways for the heads up! 😘 


Eric Johnson: Official Aaliyah Merch

The wait is finally over! As promised, here is an exclusive, never before seen image of Aaliyah (the first out of a series of three in total!) courtesy of photographer Eric Johnson, who has launched his own shop with full family approval from the Haughtons, as well as Aaliyah's estate. You can keep tabs on his store via his Instagram page @shop_upstairsaterics for more information. The t-shirt will be available to order on the 28th March, (in exactly a weeks time) so be sure not miss out on this amazing opportunity! All proceeds will go to the Aaliyah Memorial Fund, as well as other various charities that Aaliyah held dear to her heart. 

Here is a special message from Eric himself...

Eric Johnson: "This is a previously unreleased photo of our first in a series of our official #Aaliyah tee-shirts. No bootlegging here. I shot the photo & we're working with Aaliyah's family/estate unlike all of those counterfeit pieces that you've seen out there using images from this shoot illegally."

I'm not sure if many of you are aware of this, but there tends to be a lot of clothing apparels these days who try to make a quick buck off anyone's name (especially deceased artists, who are no longer in the physical) including Aaliyah, who we all know is well known worldwide. Awhile back, Eric had to personally sue a few clothing lines as a result of illegally using his photo's, without his consent. Quite frankly, I can totally understand this, as some of these clothing lines do not even have family approval, nor do they give anything back towards the memorial fund. (This excludes Urban Escence Apparel however, who are another great store, with full family approval from The Haughtons :D) 

Anyhoo...check out the images and video below to witness the whole process of how these beautiful t-shirt designs were made! You can clearly tell that a lot of love went into making these! Enjoy my lovelies! ;) 

A video posted by Upstairs at Eric's (@shop_upstairsaterics) on


Aaliyah: Rare Photo

🔁 via @ohraki: “Hey Aaliyah fans, something cool is coming! Curating these shot by @robertwhitmanphoto is hard!” | Better choose wisely hun! Can you guys peep the other rares in the background too? Simply gourgeous! ❤ Thank you for making our day! 😩😍💕 

Aaliyah: Rare Photo (1995)

🔁 via @Darion_TheGreat: (Via Twitter) “Looking in Southern yearbook from 1995 and seen my baby Aaliyah.♥️” | Shoutout to @favouritethingsbyazzizz for the heads up! Thanks for sharing!😉😘💕 


Aaliyah Phone Cases: By Urban Escence Apparel

Get your Aaliyah phonecases everyone! 😍🙌💕 All 3 designs will be listed via 👉👈 by the end of the weekend, so don’t miss out! Follow 👉@urbanescenceapparel👈 for any questions or queries you may have! 😊👌 I definitely need all of them! 😩 Android versions of this case will also be available, and something which they are working on at the moment. So as soon as I hear anything, I will keep you all informed! Remember that all products purchased have official approval from The Haugtons, so you are guaranteed superb quality, with every purchase you make! And if you haven't noticed already, that is indeed the rare Christopher Kolk picture in colour! 😊


Aaliyah Archives: Artwork

“Your love is a one in a million, it goes on and on and on…” 🎵🎶 Pretty proud of how this has turned out! As promised, I told you guys I would draw more! So here's what I managed to create from Aaliyah's 'One In A Million' era! I hope y'all like it! Enjoy! 😊💕 

Aaliyah: Rare Outtakes From Robert Whitman Photoshoot

🔁 via @ohraki: “I am back at work with a hard task: curating these never-seen shots of #aaliyah bc I want to pick all of them– @robertwhitmanphoto is such a rockstar. // 📷 #studiolife #workworkworkwork” | Eye spy with my little 👀 something beginning with 🅰 😩🙊💕 Can I have your job please? 😇 loll 

Aaliyah Exclusive: Courtesy Of Eric Johnson

Be sure to keep tabs on Eric Johnson’s store 👉@shop_upstairsaterics👈 for some exclusive, never before seen images of our beloved Babygirl! 🙊 Full 💯% family approval from The Haughtons has been given for these t-shirt designs, so I’m beyond ecstatic for this! 😄🙌💕 Thank you so much for all that you do! I simply cannot wait to see these! 😊👌 (Side note….I have the exact same Mac computer, and use my sticky notes in the exact same way! 😃 Must be a creative person thing! 😉) And shout out to @weloveaaliyahhaughton for the heads up! Love you girl! 😘💕

For all those who missed out, Eric posted one of his sample tees last January on Aaliyah's Birthday, where one lucky guy had the honour and privilege of wearing his design, which you can view below here...


Aaliyah: Snippet Of Rare Pic

Repost via @bdottm: “When I left xxl, I took some pics with me. This is an original from @ericjohnsonphotos vibe shoot.#ripbig” | Thank you for sharing! Who can peep Lili? 😉 and R.I.P Big Poppa 🙏💚 19 years ago today we lost an iconic Hip-Hop legend, who to this very day, still lives on through his music, just as Aaliyah did.

Aaliyah Exclusive: By UrbanEscence Apparel (Coming Soon!)

Here’s a sneak peak of @urbanescenceapparel design featuring an unreleased photo courtesy of @christopherkolk 😏🙌💕 I’m so happy, along with others from #TeamAaliyah to be a part of something so special and meaningful. A big thank you to @aaliyahalways for making all this possible, and simply just being the amazing person she is! And also…a big shoutout to all those who helped obtain this beautiful image! Y'all know who you are! 😊😉💛 Much love and respect to you all! 😘


Aaliyah: Rare Photo

Repost via @shyy_ronnie: “When ppl walk past my desk they always ask me if I took that picture of #Aaliyah and I always answer with: I took the picture from the person who actually took the picture .. Remember @a_denet when we worked at the #photographer studio”  that #summer?? #TBT" | Thank you for sharing! :o) :D