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Aaliyah: Official Unreleased Tracks From Eric Seats

Edit made by yours truly! ;)

So I've been meaning to post this for awhile now, but as you all know Aaliyah left us with an amazing body of work throughout her musical career. Like every other artist, Aaliyah recorded a lot of tracks, some of which were not complete in time for her to sing, and others which were only rough drafts or 'demos' as we call them. Now if you all remember, I posted something awhile back in regards to some unreleased tracks that Static Major's personal assistant (and close friend) Tim Barnett kindly shared with us in 2010. Just to refresh your memories, you can read it again via the link here

We've already had the tracks CEO and Danc'n come to surface, and seeing as how we have a special Birthday tribute next year in the works from the original red album producers, maybe it's long over due for us fans to finally hear these rare gems. I for one, would most definitely love to hear them! :o) 

So a couple months back I actually came across some posts via Eric Seats who happened to share some screenshots from his phone's playlist, and to my surprise, I was delighted to see some of those Aaliyah tracks that we have always heard about, but never actually heard! Lol! Here are the main ones he shared, along with his captions :o) ... 

Eric Seats: #Memories Another #unreleased #Aaliyah #HIT #StaticMajorIsGenius #DontLetMeFoolYou #KeyBeats #ES333

Eric Seats: #Memories #Aaliyah OMG ANOTHER #unreleased #HIT! @DigitalBlack wrote this one.. #KeepsMeShaking #KeyBeats #ES333

Eric Seats: This One Too... #Aaliyah #unreleased #Dancin #Playa @DigitalBlack #KeyBeats #ES333

Do any of these titles ring any bells? They should do! If not, lets do a brief summary of each track :o) The first track, is the one which Drake sampled vocals from. The second track is the one where they actually mixed it for the song Quit Hatin'. And the third track, yes you are probably saying "hey we have already heard this version!" but NOT with just Aaliyah and Digital Black on their own, without E.T. Selfish. Seats said this was a rough version, so it would be interesting to hear and compare to the one that we already know and love. Who knows, maybe one day we may finally get to hear ALL of them, once the family agree to it. :o)

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