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Aaliyah: Rare Photo Courtesy of Eric Seats

Happy Monday everyone! How are you all doing? :o) To brighten up your day even more, here is a rare photo of our Beloved Babygirl courtesy of Eric Seats who was one of the writers and producers on Aaliyah's self titled red album A A L I Y A H. Along with sharing the photo, he left a caption below saying...  

Eric Seats: #TBT #2000 #Aaliyah My homegirl Aaliyah chill'n at the apt before hitting The Pottery Barn with me. Rest in paradise Lil Dana, we miss you!!! #CollestEver #NY #Keybeats ES

Thank you so much for sharing this rare gem with us all, no matter how many pictures I see of Babygirl, she was always smiling, and that is truly the best way to be remembered. We will always love you no matter what Babygirl. ♥


Aaliyah: My Illustration

So for those who have not yet seen my surprise, here's a drawing I did based on Jonathan Mannion's photo, which he released to the everyone a few days ago. Reminds me of something she would of probably had in a concert during her red album era. Would of been so dope to of seen something like that! Anyhoo, I hope you guys like it! :o)

Aaliyah: Rare Photos Courtesy of Tre' Major (Make-up and Hair Stylist)


Wow! I am in love with these pics! Repost from @themajorlook1Thank you for sharing! For those who are unaware who the guy is, it's Tre' Major make-up artist and hair stylist for Aaliyah and other big names such as Mary J. Blige, Jada Pinkett Smith, Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks. Enjoy my lovelies! :o) A caption from the picture can be read below where he said... 

Tre' Major: OMGGG !! My bro just sent me this pic that he took of #Aaliyah & I -we were clowning and having a good ok time- I had jus finished her hair , color , re-do and the whole works- I miss me some her soooo bad ..we were so young and ca-ute!! Lol This pic is #EVERYTHINGTOME

Awww! lol! These pics are most certainly ca-ute forreal! :o)

Aaliyah: Rare Photo

@itsrissabae: "#WCW got to meet the woman I LOVE. Rip Aaliyah"

Re-post from @itsrissabae via Instagram. Thank you for sharing! You are so lucky to of met Aaliyah! Love this rare picture of our beloved Babygirl! :o)

Aaliyah: Rare Photo Courtesy of Jonathan Mannion

So photographer Jonathan Mannion posted this never before seen picture a few days ago via his Instagram page with a beautiful quote saying...

Jonathan Mannion: "A never before seen photo of the naturally beautiful Aaliyah Dana Haughton. Remembering how truly sweet she was on that summer day in New York. It was effortless for her to command the frame with grace and elegance. Aspire to understand these traits that seem to elude so many people today. I'm honored and blessed to have created these timeless images with her. I applaud all of her amazing fans for being inspired by her example, her career and talents! Thank you for enjoying my work."

Throughout all the drama that has been going on right now, I can truly say that these rare gems make my day, so thank you Jonathan Mannion for sharing this with everyone! :o) 


The Aaliyah Archives News: Stop Lifetime Production on Aaliyah Dana Haughton!

I don't think I need to say anymore on this topic, since true Aaliyah fans already know wassup. But for those who need a little background information and some educating, I shall bring it to the table. It seems as though Lifetime are still pressing foward with this 'Aaliyah Biopic' despite all the fury and outrage we as fans have expressed. It has also come to our attention that Wendy Williams (yes you read that correctly!) will be the Executive Producer of this film. She is already notoriously known for being one who thrives in other peoples lives and gossip, and she has already expressed on many occasions on how she wants to dig a little deeper into Aaliyah's personal life, including the conspiracy behind R.Kelly. 

You can clearly see, that no fucks have been given, since all she sees is dollar bill signs! I have also read upon other blog sites, and quite frankly I am simply appalled at the level of narrow minded thinking people have towards us Aaliyah fans. All this talk about how we were not happy with Zendaya, solely based on the colour of her skin and ethnicity? Like really now? People forget the bigger picture, the picture above the very words I am typing as we speak. The Haughton Family are my main priority and concern, and anyone who disagrees with this is either not a true fan of Aaliyah and jumping on the bandwagon, or they simply lack morals and respect towards Aaliyah's family! Do people not have a heart nowadays? Smh...

Don't get it twisted though, of course I would love to see a film based on my favorite music artist, but without the family's blessing how can you support it? The new actress who will be replacing Zendaya, goes by the name of Alexandra Shipp. If that's not all, here are some quotes from Wendy Williams talking about the Aaliyah Biopic on her show.

Wendy Williams: I’ve been rallying around about this Lifetime movie about Aaliyah. Telling the family stop complaining, it’s going to be on the small screen, small screen is the business. Very few people go to the movies anymore, you know what I mean? It’s expensive and the popcorn is no good for you. Well so, Zendaya apparently heard that I’ve been rallying around her and she sent me a little thing through the computer saying “Thank you Mrs. Wendy for you supporting me and that just happened on Friday. Well dog gone it, do you know that now on Monday that we found out that Zendaya has pulled out of the movie?” That’s your fault! You! And whoever said she was too light to play Aaliyah, that’s your fault. You got on this girl’s back and now she’s chickened out. I can’t believe were still dealing with light/dark in 2014; it’s about the spirit of the movie. I thought that she would be a great Aaliyah because I don’t know enough about Zendaya so she wouldn’t be distracting me.

She also said...

Wendy Williams: The production has been put on hold. Well, they have to find a new Aaliyah, plus you know the family of Aaliyah will not let the movie play the music. Something tells me that this movie is not going to get made. Well I hope you’re happy Aaliyah’s family because Aaliyah was a beautiful, talented girl and there’s a whole new generation of people that might of have gotten turned onto Aaliyah to her past music, you know the music she has out and now nobody’s going to see it. Unless they can find an Aaliyah that’s apparently dark enough to suit you all and maybe the people can get the family to play the music.

First and foremost, who is she to be talking to The Haughtons in such a rude, foul mannered? You don't mean shit to them anyways! Besides, Aaliyah's legacy has been going on strong for 13 years and counting, so why would we need the help of a hot ass mess film that would only tarnish the 13 years that we as true fans have held down for our beloved Babygirl? We do fine without you so get the fuck out of here! Very seldom to I swear on my blog, but I am mad as fuck right now since this lies heavily, close to my heart. I can just imagine Aaliyah and her Father Michael looking down on all of this, being hurt by how NO ONE has even bothered to ask for her family's blessing. My heart goes out to Diane and Rashad beause right now this is where they need us the most. We have helped them through some dark times, with all the letters, emails, poems and artwork that have been sent over the years via Aaliyah's official site. They truly deserve much better than this, so this is where I need all of my Team Aaliyah familia to help me out.

We as fans have the power! We are the consumers/buyers, fan base etc... Our opinion counts, so don't think we can't do anything, since the power of our voices together can help tackle this issue! Whatever you do, DO NOT keep quiet! Here are a list of things you can do right now to be pro-active in order to put an end to this movie once and for all!

Step 2: Contact Wendy Williams directly via

Step 3: Contact Lifetime directly via

Touching all bases! Voice your opinion! Let it be known!

Step 4: Contact Martin Chase Productions via

Telephone, fax, write a 4 page letter if you have to! 

Step 5: Contact Tracy 'Twinkie' Byrd via

Another person who is behind the scenes of this nonsense!

Step 6: The most IMPORTANT contact of all! 

I personally made this myself just to get the message across!
Aaliyah is up in heaven hurting over her Family right now!

Show your undenying support and love for Diane and Rashad Haughton, since they are the ones who need it the most. I don't normally post images of a sensitive nature, but in this case I have no choice. I am quite a spiritual person and I believe Babygirl along with her Father Michael Haughton, is looking down on all of this right now feeling saddened and hurt that NO ONE has taken their family into consideration. What has happened to our world today? Do people not have a heart or conscience? Or is it because money talks! The root of all evil! Do the right thing and speak for what is right!

If that's not enough then peep the tweets from Aaliyah Haughton's Official Twitter page here! I say no more...


The Aaliyah Archives News: Nicole Wray Shares Her Memories on Aaliyah and Static Major

Rare photo courtesy of Timbaland. Throwback from 97/98 with Nicole Wray, Ginuwine and Aaliyah.

Hey guys, so as you all know I am a big fan of YouKnowIGotSoul, and I happened to come across this interview by them featuring Nicole Wray (Which I am sure all the Nicole Wray fans will be loving right now!) where she shares some of her earliest memories of our beloved Babygirl, Static Major and of course Missy Elliott. I have to say that this was such a joy to read, you could tell that Aaliyah was such a kindred spirit both inside and out, and that Static Major had quite a sense of humor on him too! Lol! Anyhoo, peep the written interview below, or watch the full video via YouKnowIGotSoul. One love <3

YouKnowIGotSoul: Talk about this journey you’ve been with Lady the band and where it’s taken you
Nicole Wray: Wow, Lady the band was a very organic project. I was in New York about three years ago. I was up here doing some music with Damon Dash and his little enterprise at the time. They had a lot of things going on. I went down here to work on a project and I met Terri Walker from London. She was working on some music and doing a film at the time. We just clicked like sisters. We started hanging out and eating together. We started doing shows together in the village and in the city. She was like “I want you to meet my guys” and I was like “Who are your guys?” She told me about Truth & Soul and I think we had a show and they saw us perform. From that moment on, they were like “We love you guys. How do you guys feel about being a girl group?” At the time, I was still focusing on my own solo project and Terri was doing her solo project. We were like “Let’s just see how this feels”. We went over to the studio and they played us a couple of tracks. We were just having some fun in Brooklyn. Before you know it, we had like eight songs done. Songs were getting done and everyone was getting so excited. Terri and I looked each other and we were like “We have something”. We put our own solo projects on hold for awhile just to see how this thing was going to go. We did a situation with Truth & Soul records and we put it out. We began to tour with Lee Fields. Shout out to him. We did an international tour and we opened up for him. Then we were shortly interrupted, Terri went back to doing her thing. Like I try to explain to people, we were both solo artists. Everybody knows I started out with Missy Elliott and Timbaland in 1998. I came in the game from Virginia and I was a baby. Terri was overseas doing her thing at the same time. We shared the same story because she was like “We know so many of the same people”. We never knew we were going to collide and meet each other and do an album together. Even though we’re not doing an album now, I’m still thankful and blessed to have met Terri and to have been able to put this project together and put these beautiful songs out. We both struggled with management, labels and family. We’re very passionate with our music and with this game, you’re here today and gone tomorrow. Not like death, but as far as your career. Us meeting each other, we had so much to share. We had a bond, it was super organic. She’s doing her own thing now and I stayed on with Lady. I love it and I couldn’t let it go. I just fell in love with it and I’m going to put my own project on hold and work on this. I do a lot of songwriting too, so I’m all over the place. I rap, sing soul music and I’m writing a children’s book. I just felt like once I got on the stage and I was able to open for Lee Fields, I was like “This is what I want to do”.
YouKnowIGotSoul: This sound you have with Lady is a throwback sound and it’s totally different from the music people know you for. How did you transition from the Hip Hop sound into this soulful sound?
Nicole Wray: Shout out to Missy Elliott. I have been singing loud and powerful since I was eight years old. When I got with Missy, she tamed my vocals because I was all over the place. I was raised in church, my family sang in church. It’s in my heart. I never really transitioned, it was always in me. Missy would be like “Nicole, this isn’t the song for screaming and yelling” because it was always there. I always had it. I was finding my voice and finding myself as an artist. I think once the whole situation with Missy and I, we separated and I found my voice. I began to sing what was already there in my heart and belted it out. I wasn’t writing in the beginning with Missy, I was a little protégé. I was young and I was like a baby. I basically just found my voice and my inner-self soul and when I met Truth & Soul, they had the soundtrack to my life. Everything that I had been through, coming into the game with my mom and then missing class to go on the road to tour with Aaliyah, Ginuwine and Timbaland. I loved what I did and I just found my voice and my soul. Truth & Soul brought the music so I could write and sing from my heart.
YouKnowIGotSoul: You’ve had one successful album with Lady. Are you planning to work on another one with them?
Nicole Wray: Yes, we are actually in the demo stages of the album. It’s sounding really good. We may travel outside the country to finish up the vocals and stuff. It’s working its ways. It’s coming along and it’s sounding really good. It’s more colorful this time. The first album with Terri and I was really from the heart. We didn’t think about it. It was just organic. We didn’t have the time to think about what we were going to write. The guys were in the room and we were drinking whisky. We were having a good time and lyrics were just flowing. This album is more personal and more fun. We’ll still have those love stories, but we’ll talk about the struggles. I want to reach out and be relatable to people who live everyday life.
YouKnowIGotSoul: Are we going to hear another solo Nicole Wray album in the future and what would be the sound of the project?
Nicole Wray: It’s going to be R&B. I’m going to give the fans what they want. I let them guide me because without them, there wouldn’t be any me. I wouldn’t even exist as an artist. There wouldn’t be Lady or Nicole Wray. I listen to my fans and I thank God for social networking. When I first came out with Missy Elliott, there wasn’t really that much social networking. It was just word of mouth. If the label liked you, they would sign you and you would go do your thing and go on tour. Now there’s so much going on like Twitter and Instagram, it’s so easy for artists. Then you get those reality shows that you can get on and be vocal and show your talent. When I started, I was super young. I was like fifteen when I met Missy Elliott. She was like “I got you” and my mom was like “Make sure you take care of my daughter”. The game has changed a whole lot, but I will definitely listen to my fans. It’s in me. I can do any type of music.
YouKnowIGotSoul: Talk about some of the memories you had with Static Major and Aaliyah because I know you were close with both of them.
Nicole Wray: I remember my mom living in this apartment in Virginia and Missy came over because her mom lived in the same neighborhood. She came over and got on the phone. She called some guys from Derby City. She was like “I got this little girl sitting here and she’s amazing. I’m going to let her sing to you on the phone”. I sang “Weak” by SWV to Static on the phone and he was like “Say no more. I’m coming to Virginia and we’re going to work on your album”. I wasn’t writing, I was young. He came in the studio and he had so much swag. He had that swag. All of Playa did. Black, Smokey and Static had “Cheers 2 U” and they were working on their album too. We were working in Virginia Beach in the studio and Missy was just sitting in the studio with him. My mom was in the studio too, she was managing me at the time. I had a boyfriend at the time and we were so in love and I was so young and stupid. *Laughs* We had an argument and I was irritated in the studio. Static was like “Don’t worry about it. Just tell him to raise his frown”. He started singing “Raise Your Frown” and I was like “Oh my god!”. It’s like he watched me as a young girl and like I do now with artists because I write now too thanks to Static. Like he opened up that portal for me because I didn’t know I could do it. I was just singing songs that everybody wrote for me not knowing I had my own story. He was basically watching my life and he wrote those songs that were beautiful. It’s like he studied me, it was awesome.
YouKnowIGotSoul: You mentioned earlier to me that you toured with Aaliyah?
Nicole Wray: We had a “Superfriends” tour in 1998 or 1999. We did a big tour. We went everywhere. I think we started out in LA. When I first met Aaliyah, we were shooting my video for “Make It Hot”. Everybody was there. I was so nervous, this was my first video. They pulled me out of school to go shoot a video. All I would see is TV and seeing Toni Braxton, Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige and The Fugees. Finally it was my time. I was so nervous. Where I come from, we’re not nervous people. For some reason, the lights and the camera were on me and I had a wardrobe. They were making clothes and my mom was there. Missy Elliott was like “Aaliyah is here! Go say something to her”. Aaliyah was like “You’re my sister, I’m here to support you. I love your music and I love your style”. From there, I would always see her and we would talk to each other. We had a cute friendship, but it was short-lived. God bless her soul, she was super talented. I’m just thankful that all of those guys came to my video shoot because they were already established. I was just coming into the game. We were probably the same age but she was already more established. I was thankful she came to my video shoot and showed me so much love.
YouKnowIGotSoul: Since the “Make It Hot” album, you’ve had a lot of material that you worked on over the years and I know a lot of them never saw the light of day. Is there a song that you can think of that you would have loved the fans to hear?
Nicole Wray: My favorite show right now is Netflix is “Orange Is The New Black”. The new theme song is called “Time” or something like that. When I was on Roc-A-Fella, I made a song called “Time” because I knew a lot of people in and out of jail. The way I did it, it was beautiful. It was raunchy, but it was really personal and it was dedicated to the mothers and fathers who are waiting. Then the show comes out years and years later and I was like “I already recorded a song like that!” It never saw the light of day. Once we finish this album, I want to put out a mixtape like what Nas did with “The Lost Tapes”. I have so much music. I started writing after the “Make It Hot” album and I have so much music. I worked with Pharrell, Teddy Riley, Timbaland and Scott Storch when he was on his game. The list is crazy. I have those songs just sitting in my laptop.


Happy 13th Anniversary to Aaliyah's Self Titled Red Album!

Jamming the 'old skool' way! :o)
My personal collection.
Drawing I made especially for the 13th Anniversary.
The whole album artwork! (My Edit)

So today marks the 13th Anniversary of Aaliyah's self titled red album! So as a special tribute today, I have showcased some of my personal collection, along with a drawing I did. Something which I am starting to get back into again, since I have always been quite a creative person! :o) Now...I have been showing love everywhere else, but my blog is the main spot where I should be showing majority of my love. I did have a few issues before, but hopefully they should be ok now, so I do apologise if I have replied back late to emails, and not posted as much, so just letting you all know that I am alive and not just a ghost page! lol!

It's hard to believe that it's already been 13 years since Aaliyah's 'baby' as she called it, came out, and after all these years her music still continues to sound so fresh to this very day. I can honestly say that this album was way ahead of its time both musically and lyrically, with the likes of Timbaland, Missy, Static Major, J-Dub, Bud'da, Black etc... It's no surprise why this albums longevity has still remained over these past years and counting.

I can only wonder if she were still around today, what kind of music she would be coming out with, since Aaliyah was always a trendsetter and one step ahead of the game. You can definitely see her growth from her tomboy 'street yet sweet' days to the beautiful woman she had become, and it's sad to know that her life got cut so short in such a tragic way. I always felt that it was never her time to go, since she had only reached her peak and had so much more to offer to the world. No words can fathom or comprehend the day she went away, but I shall forever and always be a fan. A huge thank you to all those who contributed to this album, it truly is a classical masterpiece within it's own right. One love. <3


The Aaliyah Archives: News

So as some of you are aware, Zendaya finally backed down on the role for the Lifetime Biopic film titled – Aaliyah The Princess Of R&B (working title). We were told numerous and countless of things from the film being based on Aaliyah's best selling book titled 'Aaliyah: More Than A Woman'. To even telling the story behind the 'R.Kelly Conspiracy' (damn right rude and disrespectful when I heard that!). Bit allegedly and inside source has come to my attention of yet another rumor which is sparking interest at the moment. It seems as though a person who highly resembles Aaliyah has been taken into consideration and won the role instead. She goes by the name of Erika Perry and is not a bad singer either. Personally I feel (with the wishes and blessings of The Haughton's of course) that she is a much better candidate as apposed to Zendaya, who didn't really appeal to me. A tweet sent out personally from the PR team of Lifetime expressed their view on this which you can see below...

But that's not all! An exclusive email was sent from Lifetime yesterday outlining how they were quite impressed by Erika Perry

“Lifetime may have already found a replacement for their upcoming Aaliyah film in a relatively unknown new talent. Erika Perry, a 20-year-old Atlanta-native performed with her sisters as part of the group Amor Kismet at the BET Experience on Saturday. Although Zendaya’s departure wasn’t announced yet, Lifetime execs were already in the know and scoped out Perry’s performance. So impressed with her talent and likeness to Aaliyah, they immediately set up additional meetings for Perry that weekend in Los Angeles. Things are expected to move even faster this week to keep production on schedule.”

(Source –

Check out some of Erika's pictures and videos of her singing via her Instagram page @vintagebullet

If the Family agree, and if Erika Perry has a shot, then I would not be mad at all. What do you guys think? Check out some pictures of her below