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Aaliyah As Featured Cameo in Timbaland & Magoo's: We At It Again ft. Sebastian & Static Major

Released: 2000
Recorded: 1999/2000
Label: Blackground/Craze Productions

Now who remembers this classic joint? Here's another guest appearance/cameo of Aaliyah in the video We At It Again, which also features the likes of Static Major. The track features on the album soundtrack of Romeo Must Die, which is one of those albums where you know you aint even gotta skip a track. I know this, since everytime I watch Romeo Must Die, I always end up listening to the music in the background thinking 'damn what's the name of that track? This sounds hot!' lol! 

I can honestly say though, that these two had such a special bond musically wise, it's a shame they both had to leave us so soon. As far as the video is concerned, it's definitely got that dirty south feel, where you just wanna get down low and crunk the hell out. Soon as you hear that bass, you know straight away that shit is gonna go down! Lol! But as always, our Babygirl is looking gorgeous as ever with a hint of seduction in that lollipop scene. Funny that, isn't it ironic how Static Major's Lollipop with Lil Wayne was a hit and in this video we are seeing both of them in a candy store. Hmm...amazing how things turn out right? Anyhoo, please enjoy this dope, classic joint below! One Love <3

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