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Kendrick Lamar ft. Aaliyah: We Need A Drank (Mash Up)

Here's a little Wednesday treat for you all! :o) Now normally, I'm not a big fan of remixes/mash ups, but I gotta say when I heard this rendition I was blown away! The person who made this –Raheem D is someone who I have to give huge props to for making such a carefully though out piece, staying true to our beloved Babygirl's style. In all honesty, I actually prefer this version to Kendrick Lamar's original, since the arrangements blend so well. Good work Mr! Just to show some love check out his mixtape: Aaliyah The Mash Up Mixtape which you can purchase here via In the description for the mixtape he goes on to say –

"Finally, my Aaliyah mashup mixtape has arrived and has been finished! It features some of my most successful Aaliyah mashups from the past year and also includes a few new mashups. It features the likes of Robin Thicke, Usher, Justin Timberlake, Frank Ocean, Drake, Kendrick Lamar and more. It includes the highly popular mashup 'Thinkin' Bout A Million' that currently has over 50 thousand views on YouTube and also includes 'Come Over And Demonstrate' a mashup which was shared by the very talented Jojo herself. I hope you enjoy this mashup mixtape and although we will never hear new music from Aaliyah herself I feel that making mixtape's like these help keep her legacy alive"

 All I can say is that you won't be disappointed! Oh and because I am so nice, I've also added another mashup joint of his down below! Happy listening everyone!  :o)

The Aaliyah Archives : News

Hey guys! I know it's been so long, but I am back with some latest news I came across via You Know I Got SoulThey have interviewed a lot of Aaliyah's producers, writers and people behind the scenes etc... So you can rest assure that this is a reliable, trustworthy source. Knowing that there are many more unreleased songs, arrangements and vocals only makes us as Aaliyah fans more curious, eager to find out the latest. But hmmm...I wonder how this arrangement would sound without Static Major?


Aaliyah: Rare Photos

Some not so familiar images of Aaliyah, showcasing her wild party side with Rashad Haughton, Missy Elliot, Kidada Jones, Malik (Missy's cousin) and P.Diddy. Plenty more to come, so stay tuned everyone! :o)



Drake ft. Young Jeezy: Unforgettable

Released: June 15th 2010
Recorded: 2009 – 2010
Label: Young Money/Cash Money/Universal Motown

Hey guys! Apologies for the late post, hope all of you are doing well! :o) Now, when it comes to Drake, no introductions are needed for the man behind bringing back Aaliyah's memory and legacy in the music industry. Here's one of Drake's very first compilations, using Babygirls voice from her track At Your Best (You Are Love) which was originally a song from The Isley Brothers, dedicated to their mother (check below to listen). The track itself titled Unforgettable certainly has a lot of meaning in terms of its clever lyrical content. Drizzy puts a lot of emphasis on how great songs are being re-made, never losing its touch from fans and the fellow public.

This in toll shows us that they are 'unforgettable' memories, which can most certainly be said of Aaliyah, since even today, when I listen to her music, her sound STILL sounds fresh and relevant within the music industry of today. If you listen carefully, Drake shows props to a few on the track for example Nat King Cole who's greatest hit was titled Unforgettable, and was also later covered by his daughter Natalie Cole. Other references besides Babygirl are Brian McKnight where Drake spits the verse Do I ever cross your mind? and TLC's Chilli.

On a deeper level, Drake expresses how he too, would like for his songs to have the same impact, just like how Babygirl's music has impacted us, where by other artists/musicians can freely do their own interpreted versions/samples. Interestingly enough, I just so happened to come across another version using the same riff from unforgettable by a rapper named Logic. He has a lot of great mixtapes out, so if you're one for discovering new music then check him out! If you peep the video below you can listen to his version titled I Just Wanna which for me hits very close to my heart, since I've been through a lot this year. Lyrically, it's very deep and on a level where you can truly relate. And just to show how talented he really is, I'm going to add another track for you guys to enjoy, since I love his flow! Enjoy guys! :o)


Aaliyah BBC 1Xtra: Gone Too Soon (Radio Documentary 2011)

What's good people! :o) Here's a radio documentary/interview from BBC 1Xtra (UK radio station) which aired in 2011. The audio content itself features the likes of well known TV presenter, particularly known for presenting MTV Base –Trevor Nelson. I remember when I came across this during the time where I was just bored, and as you do, you start to browse pages, next thing you know, I came across this picture of Babygirl (the one above) and I was like hold up! What's this? lol! To my eyes I was so delighted and happy that I wanted to share this content for people who live overseas, especially since it is such a rare thing for fans to come by when the radio station is in another country! To find out a little more about this radio documentary, peep the synopsis below to find out what is outlined. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did. Have a good day/evening wherever you are! Peace! :o)


Ten years after Aaliyah's premature death, Trevor Nelson looks back on the life of a woman who helped re-define R&B and explores her long-lasting influence on musicians today.
We get a picture of her early musical beginnings, appearing on TV talent show Star Search at age eleven and touring with her famous auntie, soul singer Gladys Knight, with an interview from her vocal coach of that time.
Then we hear about her first appearances in the charts, working alongside R&B songwriter star R. Kelly, who took Aaliyah on as his hip-hop soul protΓ©gΓ©e and made some unforgettable 90's hits. However, as scandalous rumours erupted and tarred Aaliyah's name, she made the decision to move on.
What came next would completely change the face of R&B music. We talk to Craig Kallman, who decided to introduce Aaliyah to little known producer-writer duo Timbaland and Missy Elliott. Artists such as Sway, Brenmar and Ny reflect on how the relationship between Timbaland and Aaliyah has affected the way they write music. Here we learn how the risks Aaliyah took to experiment with pop music have influenced the biggest artists of today such as Rihanna and Katy B.
We discover how Aaliyah embarked on a successful acting career, with help from acclaimed director of Queen of The Damned Michael Rymer. As she was filming for this movie, she was recording her final album at the same time - and it would be the shooting of a video for one of the tracks on this album that led to Aaliyah's untimely death in a plane crash. Close friend and stylist Derek Lee talks us through Aaliyah's last days.
Through hearing about Aaliyah's past and getting an understanding of her influence on the present, we are left with an impression of why this woman was so loved and should still be celebrated in 2011.
Part 1 of a 5 part series looking at legendary black music stars who were all unfortunately Gone Too Soon. 
(Source –


Katy B ft. Jessie Ware: Aaliyah

Released: 7th December 2012
Recorded: 2011
Label: Columbia

Hey guys! Sorry it's been so long! Here's a little treat for you all. :o) Since I'm from the UK, it's only fair that I represent my UK roots. Here's a not so familiar track from Katy B and Jessie Ware titled 'Aaliyah' which pretty much speaks for itself. You can find this track on Katy B's Danger EP. For those who don't know, Katy B is very, heavily influenced by Aaliyah and did this song as a tribute, paying homage into her forever, lasting memory. When you have two great artists on a track, you can rest assure that what you'll hear will be fire!

Interestingly enough, when I first heard this track, I was pleasantly surprised as it sounded no where near to what Aaliyah would of done. Production wise it has a very funky, electronic dance beat, which is very catchy on the ears. Lyrically, both Katy B and Jessie Ware talk about Aaliyah and the impact she had, particularly on her male admirers. Katy B plays the role of a girl who finds a man, only to find out that Aaliyah's natural charisma and charm is all too much, swaying her man away from her. She goes on to sing the main hook – " Aaliyah please, this is green envy, why must you taunt me girl?" Both ladies talk about Babygirl in a positive way, showing how flawless and effortless she was since she never tried too hard to 'look' sexy, she clearly just 'was' sexy in her own right. It wouldn't surprise me if women were jealous of her, because she always had a natural allure which is very hard to do, since it comes from within yourself as a person, knowing who you are and being content with it. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy this upbeat track which you can listen to down below! :o)


Aaliyah ft. Static Major: Steady Ground

Released: 2005
Recorded: Unknown
Label: Blackground Records

Here is a track which some of you may not have heard before. Steady Ground which features the likes of Playa's – Static Major and producer J-Dub  is one of the left over tracks which was originally going to be put on Aaliyah's third studio album, self titled AALIYAH. Below I have a mini interview where J-Dub himself talks about the making of this track and why it never made the cut on the album. Now again, I was going to share the audio content via youtube, but youtube likes to be annoying by deleting the audio content, so luckily I have the audio content myself which I will share with you via my Tumblr blog. :o) I remember when I first came across this track, I was like wow, how have I not heard this before. I always make it part of my duty to know everything and anything about Babygirl, so if I come across something new I have to share it! :o) Production wise, I like the use of beats as it's not something you hear everyday. Very innovative both musically and lyrically. Anyways, please listen and enjoy this lovely track! :o) 

Listen here for Aaliyah ft. Static Major – Steady Ground

J-Dub: “It was really the first single after “Rock The Boat”, but my engineer was mixing the record and somehow lost the vocals. So the vocals that you hear are really just the demo vocals. The final vocals got erased, so yeah. So that’s why it didn’t make the album.”


Aaliyah: Fader Magazine, The Icon Issue 54 (May/June 2008)

Hey guys! Here are all the full page spread articles from Fader Magazine (in order of appearance) from front cover, contents, editors letter, illustrations, appendix page and detailed written interviews from Missy Elliot, Timbaland, Kidada Jones (Aaliyah's best friend), Ciara, Cassie, Damon Dash and more! I hope you enjoy this read as much as I did! :o)



Aaliyah: Quit Hatin' (Unreleased Track)

Released: 2013
Recorded: Unknown
Label: Blackground Records

Hello my fellow Babygirl fans out there! :o) Now here's an unreleased track that not many people have heard. I originally was going to upload it as a video like I normally do to share the audio content, but for legal reasons Blackground Records decided to banish the track on youtube, so for anyone who is searching for this track on youtube and suddenly come across a blank audio, that is why. If you would like me to send you this track personally, please email me at

The track itself came out randomly this year, and obviously a lot of buzz was going around it. Anyone who is a fan knows that this is like new music for our hearts and souls, so to hear our beloved Babygirl on something unheard of is very refreshing :o) Now, from what I know, the song is a remix mash up of Aaliyah's other unreleased songs titled Don't Be Jealous and He Keeps Me Shakin' which you can pick up on when you listen to the lyrics where Aaliyah sings – 'Quit Hatin' on him, don't be jealous'. 

As for samples, you all know me, I have a good ear when it comes to picking up on certain lyrics and musical content, and to my surprise I realised that there is a certain part from Quit Hatin' which has been used on A$AP Rocky's – F**kin' Problems ft. Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar. Notedly Aaliyah's 'ohhhh' chanting which is played throughout the whole of F**kin' Problems. The only difference? The pitch shift to disguise the fact that it's been used. Y'all can't fool me! lol! Ok now because I am so nice, I am going to share the audio content of Quit Hatin' via my own personal tumblr page, so feel free to follow! :o) But anyhoo, I hope you enjoy this track as much as I did since it sounds so fresh. Enjoy guys! :o)

Listen here for: Aaliyah – Quit Hatin'