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Aaliyah: Quit Hatin' (Unreleased Track)

Released: 2013
Recorded: Unknown
Label: Blackground Records

Hello my fellow Babygirl fans out there! :o) Now here's an unreleased track that not many people have heard. I originally was going to upload it as a video like I normally do to share the audio content, but for legal reasons Blackground Records decided to banish the track on youtube, so for anyone who is searching for this track on youtube and suddenly come across a blank audio, that is why. If you would like me to send you this track personally, please email me at

The track itself came out randomly this year, and obviously a lot of buzz was going around it. Anyone who is a fan knows that this is like new music for our hearts and souls, so to hear our beloved Babygirl on something unheard of is very refreshing :o) Now, from what I know, the song is a remix mash up of Aaliyah's other unreleased songs titled Don't Be Jealous and He Keeps Me Shakin' which you can pick up on when you listen to the lyrics where Aaliyah sings – 'Quit Hatin' on him, don't be jealous'. 

As for samples, you all know me, I have a good ear when it comes to picking up on certain lyrics and musical content, and to my surprise I realised that there is a certain part from Quit Hatin' which has been used on A$AP Rocky's – F**kin' Problems ft. Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar. Notedly Aaliyah's 'ohhhh' chanting which is played throughout the whole of F**kin' Problems. The only difference? The pitch shift to disguise the fact that it's been used. Y'all can't fool me! lol! Ok now because I am so nice, I am going to share the audio content of Quit Hatin' via my own personal tumblr page, so feel free to follow! :o) But anyhoo, I hope you enjoy this track as much as I did since it sounds so fresh. Enjoy guys! :o)

Listen here for: Aaliyah – Quit Hatin'

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