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Lil' Kim ft. Aaliyah & The Notorious B.I.G.: Queen Bee

Released: November 12th 1996
Recorded: 1995 – 1996
Label: Undeas/Big Beat

Hey guys! :o) Here's a track which Aaliyah is featured on with 90's Hip-Hop Queen Lil' Kim and Hip-Hop legend Biggie Smalls. I discovered the track from the mixtape – The Aaliyah Duets Album which showcases some of Babygirl's best duets alongside other performing artists and groups. You can download the mixtape here via

The track itself is called Queen Bee in comparison to the uncensored version called Queen Bitch which obviously Babygirl is not featured on. Aaliyah isn't really singing much on this, however, when she sings the hook 'I'm the Queen' all I gotta say is yess! Bow down! lol! Aaliyah was the Queen in her own right, the way she sings it sounds so hauntingly beautiful it's captivating. Now again, you know all me, I like to know where all the samples come from. If we look at the very core roots of the sample, it actually originates from Roberta Flack's – Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye. If you listen to the song carefully at 2:50 you will hear the piano riff which has been sampled. You can check this out down below to compare and contrast. 

Now, I'm not done yet, because I have heard this same classic piano riff in so many other songs, that it's only fair I share it with you guys. When we talk about Lil' Kim, we all know how close she was with Biggie both on the mic with their lyrical content and off the scenes with their relation. Biggie in fact helped Lil' Kim on this lyrically, since she was learning the ropes of how a rapper should deliver, so below I have also uploaded the original Queen Bitch which was written by Biggie himself. Last but not least, we have Mary J. Blige ft. Lil' Kim's – I Can Love You. Again this song also samples the piano riff, and who can blame them, it's so catchy that it would make anyone want to listen to it. Anyhoo, for all you music lovers out there, sit back, listen and enjoy! :o)

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