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Aaliyah ft. Yaushameen Michael: Girlfriends (Unreleased Track)

Released: 2007
Recorded: Unknown
Label: Blackground Records

Another rare gem for you guys! Now personally, I don't really know much about this track since it is so rare, but it came out around 2007. As for the recording and label I am not 100% sure, so if anyone knows just give me a shout and I will credit you on your research! :o) Now, what I do know is that the track was meant to be featured on underground rapper Yaushameen Michael's album, but was never released for unknown reasons. Quite recently a new version of Girlfriends has been mixed which sounds more modern, but personally I find that whoever mixed it did a terrible job! For starters Aaliyah's vocals do not fit well with the beat at all! In all honesty people shouldn't fix something that isn't broken, hence why I am sharing the original version of the song, which is more suited to Babygirl's style.

I remember when I first heard this song, immediately I was like damnn, is that Babygirl rapping? Then I realised oh, it's some next chick lol! What's interesting about this track is how fresh it sounds both lyrically and musically. The rapping could do with more improving in terms of making the diction more clearer, since this is very important, but other than that I really love this joint. At one point, Yaushameen actually sounds like Missy Elliot near the end of the song, talk about crazy right? As for the whole theme of the song, again it's a topic that not many have touched on. It talks about how although men be throwing dirt, making call to girls etc... basically, the act of a 'playa', it also talks about how women also do the same. As the saying goes, "One man/woman goes, and another man/woman comes". Check out the video below for this dark, mysterious track! Enjoy! :o)

Tim Barnett: “That song was never a joint that was for the album. Yaushameen was a Southernaire artist and that song was always something meant for Yaushameen. She was a huge fan of Aaliyah so Static was like ‘I’m going to get Aaliyah on one of your records,’ so Static wrote it.”

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