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In honour of Aaliyah's 42nd Birthday we would like to announce the launch and revamp of our fan-site Established in 2013, our main goal was to update fans on all of the latest news, updates, rares etc... involving Baby Girl. Eight years going strong, we have continued this journey where we wanted to thank all of #TeamAaliyah by sharing a special treat which we all hope you will enjoy and love. There are many features on our new site to explore at your leisure including an interactive timeline, image gallery, video gallery (which will be updated daily) and forum space for all fans to interact like old times. A fusion of both old skool and new skool, with a modern twist.

Over the years there have been many Aaliyah fan-sites from across the globe during the 90's up until the 2000's onwards. In today's world, we rarely see that many, and for Aaliyah we all know that her legacy has not been handled as best as it could be. Just as Aaliyah herself which means "The Highest Most Exalted One, The Best." Her very name deserves the very BEST honour and respect, so we decided to give Aaliyah's legacy the due diligence it deserves. 
We have also teamed up with affiliates @aaliyahhaughton@aaliyahalways@aaliyah_spain and @weloveaaliyahhaughton. Thank you lovelies for your continued support, help and most importantly friendship. We look forward to sharing this journey with you during a time of uncertainty, and hope this can bring fans together in a positive light. Most importantly we would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to Aaliyah! Thank you for continuing to inspire from generations to generations. Today we celebrate your life and never ending legacy.
Peace, love and light,

Aaliyah Archives

(Side Note: You can still access our old website via which we have dedicated as a Legacy Page, to honour our beloved Baby Girl. Thank you for riding with us, and we hope you enjoy the next ride 😎. To access our website go to this link here

Happy 42nd Birthday To Aaliyah Dana Haughton!


"The cutest thing since Bambi!" 😍❤ #HappyBirthdayAaliyah. πŸŽ‚πŸŽˆπŸŽ‰ On this day a beautiful, kindred spirit was born. Thank you for inspiring and being a true example of #Queen excellence. Not a day goes by where we do not think about you Baby Girl. Here's to celebrating what would of been your 42nd Birthday.

Today marks a very special day...And y'all are not ready for what's in store. πŸ™ŠπŸ˜‰ #StayTuned


Aaliyah Archives: News

πŸ” via @kath3000: "Please share with all #Aaliyah fan accounts. Email Thank you! #BabyGirl #RIPAaliyah #RIPBabyGirl #TeamAaliyah"

Attention to ALL Aaliyah fan accounts. If you would like to be featured in Kathy's book "Baby Girl: Better Known As Aaliyah", hit her up via the email mentioned above. Please spread the word to other Aaliyah fan page accounts out there too, who would also like a shout out in the book. One love ✌🏽❤


Due to the overwhelming response, Kathy's publisher has decided to include ALL Aaliyah fans & not just fan accounts, to write their 4 Page Letter on how Aaliyah has changed and influenced their lives. Couldn't be more happier about this! Aaliyah artwork is also welcomed! Thank you to everyone who has supported!


Aaliyah: Summer Jam, 1997 (Rare Photos)

πŸ” via @pottsrenes: "Aaliyah & myself at Summer Jam 1997 #Aaliyah #summerjam" / "Back in the day when R&B was good...Princess Aaliyah #RIH #summerjam #aaliyah

Thank you so much for sharing and thanks to my brother @aaliyah_spain for sharing and finding these beautiful gems! 😊❤️


DMX Interview with Talib Kweli Sharing His Memories on Aaliyah

In this episode of "People's Party With @talibkweli," Kweli and @realjasminleigh sit down with legendary rapper, writer, actor and one of Hip-Hop's most respected lyricists and distinctive voices. Late in the episode, X talks about witnessing the beautiful, warm spirit of Aaliyah when he worked with her on the movie Romeo Must Die.

Such a funny interview! 🀣 Really enjoyed this! I've always loved the sincerity and honesty of DMX. Definitely a must watch!



Aaliyah: Rare Photo Courtesy Of Photographer Matt Jones

πŸ”via @theonlymattjones: "#Aaliyah NYC ‘01 @i_d #Outtake"

OMGGG!! 😭😭😭❤ Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful never before seen gem! And huge shout out to my big sis @aaliyahalways for the tag!! 😍😍😍