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Aaliyah As Featured Cameo In The Notorious B.I.G.: One More Chance/Stay With Me Remix Video

Released: May 9th 1995
Recorded: 1995
Label: Bad Boy 

Hey guys! I'm back! :o) Since it's 'Friday High day' as I like to call it lol, I'm gonna be posting some throwbacks for you all. Now you're probably wondering, why am I posting Biggie's - One More Chance video for? Well...for those who do know, Aaliyah features as a guest/cameo, alongside with others such as Mary J.Blige, Faith Evans, and many more artists.  Now, for the younger folks out there, you'll probably recognise the tune, as it has also been used in Ashanti's – Foolish. Anyhoo, I'll shall be posting more videos where Aaliyah has been featured in certain music videos so stay tuned for those, and try to see if you can spot where she is at, which shouldn't be a problem for someone who was beautiful and flawless like her. It's not surprising that Aaliyah was featured in this, since she was very close with the whole Junior M.A.F.I.A. crew as a whole, showing her loyalty at all times. Overall, an all time classic 90's joint! Enjoy everyone! :o)

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