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Aaliyah As Featured Cameo In Naughty By Nature's: Holiday

Released: October 20th 1999
Recorded: 1999
Label: Arista

Now, since it's November, we all know that the Christmas holidays are not long to go now, so here's a little throwback for you all from Naughty By Nature's – Holiday. Because we all know we can't wait for those holidays to come! Personally for me, as soon as I see the Coca-Cola advert with the polar bears, it's officially started for me! :o) lol! But I digress, looking at the video alone, I swear...they do not make good Hip-Hop music like this nowadays. The whole vibe and flow in general has so much character and depth in comparison to the videos we encounter nowadays. But watch carefully, and you can peep Babygirl in the video too, showing off her dance skills in 'hologram' form as shown above. I gotta say, she looks really cute in this video, kind of like the 'girl next door' look. :o) As always, Aaliyah showed us how loyal she was with the people she worked with, like Treach and DJ Kay Gee. Anyhoo, play, watch, listen and enjoy! :o)

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