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Aaliyah Archives: News

It has come to our attention that Mr.Timbo himself has finally given us yet another sign in regards to exclusive, unreleased material from our beloved Babygirl. Well...all I can say is finally! Lol He has kept us waiting long enough now right? In regards to when he will be posting this snippet, I cannot confirm as of yet, but it seems like he is trying to go through all the right channels before he goes ahead with it, and for that I highly respect him for. But as they say...patience is a virtue. So with that being said, #TeamAaliyah are going to have to hold tight for now! :o)


Aaliyah: Rare Photo

Via @flakaaa_xo on Twitter “When I met Aaliyah, RIP beautiful ❤” | Thanks to @aaliyah_spain for the tag! Much love to you! :o) 


Aaliyah: Rare Photo Courtesy Of Ronnie Wright

Repost via @ronniewright1 who showed us this beautiful throwback picture of Aaliyah with Allure, Miss Jones, Changing Faces and Ronnie Wright himself. Thank you for sharing with us all! :o)


Amorphous: 22 EP (Aaliyah Tribute)

If you haven't already, be sure to check out a very special EP mix from Amorphous, who created this beautiful tribute in memory of our beloved Babygirl. As you all know, I'm a big fan of anything creative, so I thought this would be nice to share with everyone. For a more in depth look, here's a detailed description from Amorphous himself...

"It's been fourteen years since we've lost our beautiful angel, and somehow, I still find solace and comfort listening to her soothing voice. I was only four when she passed away, yet I was already a huge fan. My brother went out of his way to purchase two copies of the 'Aaliyah' album the day it came out, on July 17th, 2001. Aaliyah has impacted my life in tremendous ways. She's pushed me to be more positive, a better producer, and overall a better person. I only thought it was right that I do something big this year.
So here you have it! The '22' EP, a collection of remixes and original tracks all dedicated to and/or sampling her music. Featuring my critically acclaimed remix of 'Rock The Boat', '22' boasts club ready remixes of 'One In A Million', and '4 Page letter'. Along with remixes, including the Timbaland inspired 'We Need A Resolution' remix, the EP also includes original tracks, such as the house banger 'January', the experimental '1979' and 'Dreams', as well as the soundtrack-esque '2001' - a track dedicated to the year we lost our beloved angel. Worked on this for about a year now, truly from the bottom of my heart. Hope you guys enjoy."
You can listen to the whole collection below here... Enjoy! ;)

Aaliyah: Unreleased Photoshoot Courtesy Of Edward Otchere

Repost via @dhagren Thank you so much for sharing these candid moments with us all! This has totally made my day! :D And thanks to @saynomorekeeks for the tag! Much love! ;) :o)