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Aaliyah Archives News: Rashad Haughton Wins Award

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A huge congrats to Rashad Haughton for winning an award for his film MUGA SHOZOKU. I came across the link Rashad wanted everyone to share on his twitter page, which you can find here. But since the link is all written in Japanese, I took the liberty of translating this in English for people who would like to read this article better. Please note, that I used google translate for this, so the translation won't be 100% accurate as someone who speaks the language, so please bear this in mind when reading! Thank you! :o) 

"The night of April 2015 18 Japan movie "MUGA SHOZOKU" is North America third of proud history of '48 as Film Festival once Steven Spielberg, department Top Award at the World Fest Houston International Film Festival, such as George Lucas was awarded I was awarded the Special Jury Award, which corresponds to.

The night of April 2015 18 America in Houston, Texas Doubletree Hilton hotel, young American film director Rashad Haughton and Japanese producer Nagabuti Yosuke was fabricated teamed Japan movie "MUGA SHOZOKU" is North America third of proud history of '48 as Film Festival once Steven Spielberg, the Special Jury Award, which corresponds to Shorts Award Science Fiction department Top Award in George Lucas World Fest Houston International Film Festival, etc. was awarded (WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival) The award-winning, we shine in first place of the same department about 1500 pieces of entry. 

Director Rashard Haughton brother of that Utada Hikaru and Crystal Kay is the most admired artists, singer Aaliyah, who died in a plane crash in the popular heyday, yet the United States of diva. Rashad interested in Japanese anime and manga from childhood, major Japanese film in college.

After the accident of Aaliyah, and emigrated to Japan as if shake off the sadness to learn the Japanese culture, was born American film director with a soul of Japanese. Nagabuti producer can jump out of Japan at the age of 15 in order to challenge the world, yet genuine Japanese boys, returned home after working in the video industry in London. In December 2014 Isao Takahata to 50 people successive Japanese producer in the world's largest movie database imdb, Shunji Iwai, and has been elected by Hitoshi et al and sequence youngest Matsumoto.

By two strong personality and inspiration, such as reverse imports, was born one and only movie that does not belong to any existing category "MUGA SHOZOKU" is in Japan I was led to award of this time. This award was not just a prize for two people, is on the come in have been road Different etc. Japan loves Rashad and Nagabuti there was a common dream. 

I want to bring in overseas their hands a number of great Japanese content.
Difficult title of production in the domestic budget also allows for production by connecting with overseas studio, I want to tell the splendor is carried out until the localization correctly in the world by themselves. 
But market initially young couple that initiated the activity if it is not made something first in the indifferent ourselves leads to production of work now to know that the dream is not stand also the starting point in reality even was enough.
 And I won the produce business request that won the trust of the North American side let me know of this award from multiple Hollywood leading production connecting Japan and North America. Two people we have efforts between Hollywood and domestic publishers towards the current production realization. Come cheer finally future of young film industry lucky adventurer who was standing on the starting point thank you."

Aaliyah: Rare Photo

Repost via @grave_stone who shared this beautiful rare gem from a Japanese magazine. From what I can tell, this definitely looks like the OIAM era in 1996.  I often see many rare pictures in Japanese magazines, so I wonder how many more we have yet to see! :o) Thank you for sharing with #TeamAaliyah.

Aaliyah: Flyer for Club FX, 13th April, 1995

Repost via @theflyervault: “Aaliyah
04.13.95 @ Club FX
RIP Aaliyah.
Props to @mistaboxx for this rare and classic gem @mastermindlive @playderecord #toronto #aaliyah #classic #clubfx” | Thank you soo much for sharing! And thanks to @aaliyaheternal for the tag! :o)


Aaliyah: Rare Photos Courtesy Of Edward Otchere

Happy Saturday everyone! :o) To make your Saturday even more blessed, here are some rare photos courtesy of Edward Otchere via Instagram. Shout out to all of my #TeamAaliyah familia for coming across these stunning images! :o)


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Just to confirm that Missy Elliot is NOT on Instagram. Thanks for clarifying this @styledukormanuth. All this time I’ve been tagging fraudsters! Smh... So for everyone out there, please spread the word! :o)


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Missy keeping it real as always. Facts only! ;) Most do not realise the influence Aaliyah had and still has to this day. I always say this, but no matter where I go or look, I see Aaliyah's influence everywhere be it in the music industry, fashion industry, billboards etc... The beauty of her inspiration is that she inspires both men and women. Now that's a pretty huge impact that only some are able to achieve. So thank you Missy for schooling these folks who don't know! :o)

Aaliyah: Rare Photo

Repost via @juliog1580: “#1580 … (1997) 92.3 The Beat L.A. Summer Jam .. #RIP #Aaliyah @missyelliott @timbaland @ginuwine #Magoo @diprimaradio @juliog1580” | Thank you for sharing, and thanks to @aaliyahalways for the tag! It's nice to finally see this picture in better quality! :D :o)


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So, it's been a minute since I last posted, but I felt it was my duty to post these responses. For those who know me well, I am not one for posting any negativity on my blog. But the reason behind these tweets are self explanatory, based on the video we saw with T-Pain who disrespected not only Aaliyah, but including ourselves as a fan base! Honestly I could care less about the song, since we all know 'Girlfriends' came out in 2007 (which I even have on my blog playlist lol), so lord knows why some people are claiming it to be 'exclusive' when that really isn't the case. For those who are unaware of the situation please visit the link here for more information and details on what happened. 

Now, with all that has been said and done, it warms my heart knowing that Rashad sees the love and support we have for his Babygirl. #TeamAaliyah will always have your back no matter what! Our love and loyalty shall always remain, just like family :o) I also came across Tank's tweet too, which I could not have worded any better myself. RESPECT is very hard to come by these days, and it's something we all as human beings should know. Unfortunately not many people understand this...