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Aaliyah: Rare Signed Photo

Repost via @billyjohnsonjr: “Interviewed #Aaliyah in Canada on the set of #RomeoMustDie. It was a pitstop on the way to my honeymoon. Had gotten married 3 days earlier. Whenever I’d see her, she’d tell me to tell my wife hello. Felt a deep sadness when I heard the news of her passing that Saturday evening. May she rest in peace. #1999 #MovingOffices#Packing” | Thank you for sharing your memories and thanks @weloveaaliyahhaughton for tagging me! :D

Aaliyah: Candid Memories Shared By @mama_ck

I couldn't let yesterday pass without sharing the beautiful memories shared by @mama_ck a good friend of Aaliyah. Personal moments like these mean a lot to us as fans, especially when we learn something new about them. I tried my luck and personally asked mama_ck what her most fondest memory of Aaliyah was, and to my surprise she answered straight away, not only answering my question, but sharing more memories and more pictures she had stored away. To this day I have never come across anyone so kind hearted and generous, so God bless this woman! Like Aaliyah, you too are very much beautiful inside and out. Thank you for sharing these personal memories with us all. 

I took the liberty of taking screenshots of the conversation via my phone, just so that everyone could have a good read! Some of it may seem jumbled since some of the captions were written under different posts, so I have just got the main parts where she mentions Aaliyah. I don't know whether I am more overwhelmed by the rare pictures or the actual memories she has shared. One thing is for sure, I have definitely learnt something new about Babygirl. Enjoy guys! ;)


Aaliyah: Original Video Concept For 'We Need A Resolution'


Repost via @mama_ck: "For the #Aaliyah fans....#WeNeedAResolution #VideoTreatment 3/27/01 wow #Rip" | Original work files for the #WeNeedAResolution video. Beautiful read! Thank you so much for sharing these in depth details with us all! Enjoy #TeamAaliyah ;)

Aaliyah: Rare Photos

Repost via @mama_ck: “I know these R really hard to c, but yall R so sweet ~n~ cute 2 keep her memory going! Here’s some photos I took when those cannon panoramic cameras 1st came out… I dunno where my negs r but they used 2 print this pg of the roll” | Thank you so much for sharing these with #TeamAaliyah :D

Aaliyah & Diane: Rare Photo

Repost via @mama_ck: “Som1 asked me 2 Post this me#Aailyah (rip) Nick endo (rec label rep in Japan) & Diane this was back #OneInAmillioncame out in states we did a month long promotional tour overseas 2wks in Japan & 2 wks Europe #GreatTimes#Altho30DaysAwayFrHomeisHARRD It was Diane, Aaliyah, and me 4 30days. sometimes her then dancer (Demetrius-LUV him!) or her tutor (certain days… She was in her last yr of high school) she worked crazy hrs on the road while traveling but always did her studies!” | Thank you for personally tagging me. Beautiful pic! :o)


Aaliyah Archives Celebrates its 2nd Year Anniversary!

So…I was planning on what I would write for my blogs 2 year Anniversary/Birthday which is today, and to my pleasant surprise the lovely @legacy_of_aaliyah made me this beautiful edit to mark the occasion. Thank you so much dear! Definitely was not expecting this at all. It’s hard to believe that 2 years today was when I decided to dedicate a site in memory of our beloved #BabyGirl. I remember for so long being inspired by many other #Aaliyah fan pages prior to starting out. After years and years of waiting, this was the day where I had an epiphany moment, the day I decided to become #AaliyahArchives. I thought long and hard about this name, since there were so many other fan page names out there. I wanted something simple, yet deep and meaningful. #AaliyahArchives felt very appropriate, since the whole essence was to archive lost footage, rare images and to just keep Aaliyahs’s memory and legacy alive. It also looks back into the past, which essentially are what ‘archives’ are all about. To this very day I am truly grateful and blessed to have made the friendships I have. Most importantly….I appreciate all the loyal readers of my blog, without your love and positive feedback, I dont know what I would do without you. Not only do I do this out of love for Aaliyah, but also to share this love with #TeamAaliyah. You are all like family to me, so thank you guys for just being the beautiful individuals that God created you as. One love ♥ 

Aaliyah: Rare Photo's


A huge thank you to @aaliyahspage via Instagram for sharing these rare gems with us earlier today! Their Mother who happened to be good friends with one of the guys named Phillip (pictured in all four images above) happens to have a lot of pictures with Aaliyah. Who knows....we may even see more in the near future! ;) My favorite one has to be the one with Timbaland and Magoo, since it's such a classic moment in history. Thank you so much for sharing these with everyone. Much love! :o)


Aaliyah: Skyrock Radio, Planète Rap Classic (RARE Footage), July 2001


A huge thank you to my Aaliyah fam @aaliyahalways and @weloveaaliyahhaughton for bringing these beautiful gems to my attention earlier this morning. Courtesy of @skyrockfm for sharing not only these images but an exclusive RARE video footage from Planète Rap who kindly uploaded this on Youtube. I am honestly at a loss for words right now...It's moments like these which make us remember someone long after they have gone. Seeing the joy, laughter, goofy side to Aaliyah and just the way she was as a person is just priceless... Watch the video below and enjoy everyone! One love <3


Aaliyah: Rare Photo

Repost via @aaliyahalways: Found via aaliyahunleashed | Tumblr (Credit: shyguyshawn (Twitter) | “TBT Wow! Goin thru my old pics & found this one of #Aaliyah (RIP) & @INOJmusic backstage at Kissmas Bash in the 90’s” ❤ 

Thank you for sharing this with all of #TeamAaliyah! :o)


Happy 14th Anniversary to Aaliyah's Self Titled Red Albim

My personal collection! :o)

#Happy14thAnniversary to Aaliyah’s self titled #RedAlbum released July 17th, 2001. All these years and I’ve still managed to look after it lol With a few additional collections finally added to my wish list! Everyone could tell that #Aaliyah was very proud with the body of work created on her last studio album. Thank you to all the producers/writers that took part in this journey, #TeamAaliyah salute you for creating such a wonderful, innovative album that still sounds current and fresh to this very day. What will you guys be doing to celebrate?


Aaliyah: Hosting MTV's TRL

Special shout out to AaliyahAlways and CrystalVisions21 who kindly uploaded this high quality video of Aaliyah hosting MTV's TRL. I actually remember watching this live back in the day and was sad when I wasn't able to find this in better quality until today! Thank you guys for making this possible, it is much appreciated beyond words. Watch below and enjoy everyone! :D


Walker Wear Shares Their Memories On Aaliyah...

Repost via @walkerwear: “#Episode 10 with #Aaliyah #RKelly #BacktotheFuture with #WalkerWear25 Years Strong. We first started working with R.Kelly and styling him early ‘90’s and through that relationship, we were able to style the video "Back and Forth” and work with the late and great “Aaliyah”. I remember thinking she was so young, so sweet, so innocent and so talented. She was definitely repping Chicago HARD. One of the creative debates That we didn’t win was the license plate. I remember the obstacles we encountered with this video. That week we had an earthquake in L.A., same week we were doing the video that was pretty major. R. Kelly was so shaken up, literally I think he may have slept in his car after that and was ready to leave. He would not go back up to the hotel room (because it was high up) or that was the industry buzz. It was so much that week but we made it through, video worked out, and a superstar was born. They showed mad love. Even did a photo shoot and represented #WalkerWear too. Shoutout to #Kimya and #Cola who rocked the styling on this with me…you guys made it happen. R.I.P Babygirl" | Thank you for sharing your personal memories of Aaliyah with us all! This was really sweet. Check out the video they posted below! :o)

A video posted by Walker Wear (@walkerwear) on

Aaliyah and Diane: Rare Photo

A rare photo of Aaliyah and Mama Diane during her early years. What a beautiful picture! Courtesy of rawsheathot via Tumblr who shared this picture with the caption..."I’m at my great grandmother’s house going through the photo albums & I forgot that she knew Aaliyah’s father & grew up around him. Look at baby Aaliyah." Hopefully Rashad see's this so that he can show Mama Diane. :o)

Aaliyah: Rare Photo's


Sorry for being m.i.a y'all! Had some technical difficulties with my phone! :( But I'm finally back to keep y'all updated! ;) Repost via @partygetsmewetter26 for sharing her beautiful rare gems of Aaliyah pictured with her Mother above. Thank you so much! And thanks to @weloveaaliyahhaughton for tagging me! The second picture in particular has to be my new favorite at the moment, since she looks so adorable. :D

Aaliyah: Rare Photo

Repost via @dugganlbc Thanks to @youngdoughbvy for the tag, since I have never seen this picture before! :o)

Aaliyah: Rare Photo's

Some more rare gems found by the lovely @aaliyahalways on Ebay. Thank you for sharing hun. You never fail on making my day when it comes to anything Aaliyah related. Much love to you! :o)


Aaliyah: Rare Photos


Some beautiful rare images shared by AaliyahAlways who happen to come across them via ebay! Thank you for sharing lovely! These have made by day! :o)