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Naughty By Nature Discuss Memories With Aaliyah & Big Pun and Kay Gee’s Divine Mill Label

What's good people? Since it's been awhile, I thought I would post a recent interview courtesy from You Know I Got Soul who talk to legendary Hip-Hop group Naughty By Nature. As some of you Aaliyah fans are aware, Aaliyah worked with both Kay Gee and Treach, she even appeared as a cameo in one their videos called 'Holiday'. Below, the group share their fondest memories of our beloved Babygirl.

YouKnowIGotSoul: We’ve known Kay Gee for awhile and supported everything he’s done in r&b. Can you talk about the respect level you had for him when he started his Divine Mill record label and had success with it?

Naughty by Nature (Treach): I was mad as hell, I didn’t want him doing shit but Naughty by Nature! *Laughs* Nah. Kay is one of the most talented producers out there. It really shows when you can go from different genres of music like hip hop which we started in, and then we see him going and doing Zhane, Koffee Brown, Jaheim. He wasn’t just our homey, we weren’t just saying he was a dope producer because he was with us. Once he started doing that r&b stuff, we knew he was a world class producer.

Naught by Nature (Kay Gee): They knew I had soul!
Naughty by Nature (Treach): You could see everything he’s done throughout the years, he’s right there. We never questioned why he was doing stuff outside of hip hop, a producer is a producer. When a producer is a real producer, he can do all types of music. I felt like my brother was doing something that I was proud of. You see your brother like in sports, I felt like he made it. He wasn’t just a hip hop producer, I was telling people “My DJ is one of the dopest.” Once he started doing r&b and other genres, I was like “See!”
YouKnowIGotSoul: Talk about the collaboration you guys had on “We Could Do It” with Tony Sunshine and Big Pun.
Naughty by Nature (Treach): You know Pun, he could write right there! Certain artists you give them the track and they go off for a month or two and come back with the track. Pun would be right in the studio, writing right there, lay it down right there, the song was done that day.
Naughty by Nature (Kay Gee): He could flow too, the flow was just ridiculous man. We miss Pun out there. We’ve got a lot of fallen soldiers in hip hop, you miss them all, but we definitely miss Pun especially for what he’s done for Latin Hip Hop.
YouKnowIGotSoul: We do a lot to keep Aaliyah’s legacy alive. What do you guys remember most about working with her?
Naughty by Nature (Treach): One thing I remember about her was that she was so much of a mega star and you would never know it. You would sit and talk to her like you grew up with her. It was no super star, it was no diva; she was the largest at the time. It was no extra.
Naughty by Nature (Kay Gee): She kept her family with her, her mother and her brother. She was one of those people where if you saw her, you just knew she was a star; it just came off like that. Even working with her, we were working with her in a small room in Battery Studios, with Renee (from Zhane). We were working on “Are You Ready” from the “Sunset Park” soundtrack. It was incredible. I just cherish the moment and I’m glad I had the chance to meet her and say I’ve known her and had the chance to work with her. There are some people you put on a pedestal and say you want to work with, and she’s one I’m glad I had the chance.

Wow! What a beautiful interview to read! :o) I have to say that 'Are You Ready?' is probably one of my all time favorite Aaliyah songs. I always get that Hip-Hop vibe every time I listen to it, but now it clearly makes more sense. Another important thing to note, is how Kay Gee points out on how Aaliyah ALWAYS kept her family close by her side. FAMILY meant EVERYTHING to her. So for all those who think us Aaliyah fans are talking nonsense in reference to The Haughtons and the Aaliyah movie, the proof is in the pudding, even from people Aaliyah worked with, so I say no more... ;) Anyhoo, you can also watch the full video of the interview shown below here. Enjoy! :o) 


Aaliyah: 'Are You That Nobody' DJ Lonnie B Shares His Memories

Beautiful post from @djlonnieb Thank you for sharing your memories with us! :o)

@djlonnieb: "40 to 40 #Day8 "Are You That Nobody" My brother Danja Mowf wrote a verse for DJ Reese's mixtape [50 Tongues 100 Lungs]. 49 MCs rapped over hard core NYC hip hop instrumentals. Being a creative genius, Danja chose to do something different. He rapped over the Aaliyah "Are you that somebody instrumental". The verse was so dope that he attached it to the beginning of the song to get it on the radio. Skillz heard it before Mowf sent it in and wrote a verse as well. At that time Skillz was signed to Timbaland so everyone thought it was an official remix. That Friday, Mike Street played it on the radio and the phone lines went crazy. That Sunday, I wrote my verse and Danja added me to the song. Our song was playing in Richmond & Norfolk but when DJ Enuff started playing it in New York on HOT 97, I KNEW IT WAS ABOUT TO GET REAL. Clue put it on his mixtape and that's where Missy Elliot heard it. All three of us were on cloud 9! Missy called Danja at 4am because she was interested in signing him after hearing his verses. Wait wait wait ....Danja only had one verse?? What did she mean verses?? Apparently, Missy thought Danja Mowf was the first and last guy. That's when I realized that I never said my name in my verse so everyone thought it was just Danja Mowf & Skillz on the song. Don't get me wrong, I was happy for Danja because he deserved it but I was heart broken because NO ONE KNEW I EXISTED. I am not saying if I said my name it would have been different but I didn't even put my name out there. I hated not being recognized for something as epic as the Aaliyah remix. Truthfully, I hated myself until the Supafriendz got a chance to perform the song with Aaliyah. I remember stepping on stage to start my verse. When I looked to my left, I noticed Aaliyah was saying my verse with me!!!! So, I may not have said my name on the track but at least for that moment she knew it was me. #ilovehersmile #RIPAaliyah #LB40to40 #Supafriendz #RIPJusto"

As long as Aaliyah knew who you were, that's all that matters! It can be quite tough within the music industry to be recognised, especially for something as iconic as this. Here at the The Aaliyah Archives we speak your name, and always give credit, where credit is due. :o)


The Aaliyah Archives: News

Hey guys! Hope all my readers out there are good :o) This is just a quick shout out, since I very seldom get a chance to. But I would like to thank everyone for all their support and love. I appreciate all the emails which never go unnoticed. What started out as something small, I never could of imagined to have become what it is today. So first and foremost (I'm so delayed on this but 'it's whatever' as Babygirl would say! ;) lol) The Aaliyah Archives celebrates it's 1 year and 2 month Anniversary since it's start up. As you all know, I'm a die hard fan of Aaliyah, so for me, this is just my way of giving back to The Haughtons as well as keeping her legacy alive.

I have also come across many lovely Aaliyah fan pages/blogs who have shown nothing but love and respect since I've started this blog. I would love to list all of you out there, but it would probably take me forever to do so! lol! Y'all know who you are though ;) so I would like to say a big thank you to my #TeamAaliyah Familia, who I love unconditionally :o) 

This year has been a pretty tough year, but one I am very much grateful for. With the good, there have also been the bad and then the straight up ugly! lol! I embrace everything I encounter, and that includes haters, frauds, rude people etc... Anyhoo, I have a lot of big plans and ideas for this blog, some of which are so exciting that I can't wait to share with you all! I truly feel blessed and it's all thanks to you guys. One love ♥

Aaliyah: Rare Photo

Repost from @janksbanks Thank you for sharing! :o) :D 

@janksbanks: "#Aaliyah and I a month before her death. Its been 13 years".


The Aaliyah Archives: Remembering Tupac (1971 – 1996)

Can't believe it's been 18 years today since Tupac passed away. There hasn't been another rapper like him. His words, flow, story telling and topics have always hit home for me, everytime I listen to his music. A true, down to earth and positive role model within the Hip-Hop community. Like many legends and icons, he was one of those people who wanted to make a difference and change in the world. He touched upon real, social and political topics, not being afraid of what other people thought. Lyrically, I have not come across anyone who has even come close. He had so many great ideas of bringing communities together. I know that if he was still around it would of worked out, since his influence on people alone, was enough to make everyone listen and learn. R.I.P ♥

Aaliyah: Signing Autographs at MACYS Downtown Brooklyn (August 23rd, 1997)

#Aaliyah signing autographs at downtown Brooklyn’s MACY’s August 23rd, 1997 {Per notes on image} Rare Aaliyah Image Credit: Michelle Prada Clarke (via aaliyahunleashed tumblr) 

Thanks to @aaliyaheternal for tagging me! Much love to you! :o) ♥

Aaliyah: Rare Photo

Repost from @k.v.y_ Thank you for sharing lovely! :o) 

@k.v.y_: "My beautiful cousin with the late great wife #Repost"

Aaliyah: On The Set Of Rome Must Die With Eric Ferrell and Rashad Haughton

Photo courtesy from @ericferrellmakeup who shares some of his fondest memories with us. :o)

@ericferrellmakeup: "Tbt myself babygirl n Rashaad on the set of "Romeo Must Die"

Aaliyah: Rare Photo

Thank you for sharing! Repost from @therealmrchoc 

@therealmrchoc: "#tbt Back in 2000 I was a little bit heavier (as you can see) and I used to work for Power 106. I was spinning at a industry party for Label heads and programmers. The label brought her over and introduced us. She thanked me for playing her music on the radio and we took this pic. She was really cool and down to earth! This was after the success of "One In A Million". What was surprising is that the label sent the pic to me and she signed it. She didn't have to do that but she did...that's how cool she was! I only met her this one time but I'll always remember it. Rest in Power Aaliyah you are truly missed!" 

Awww, this is really sweet, yet sad at the same time. This truly shows how nice Aaliyah was no matter who she met, she took you into her heart 100%.

Aaliyah: Rare Photo

Repost from @goodjujuisinyou who had the honor of meeting Aaliyah! :o) (I actually had this pic awhile ago but forgot to post it for you all! Lol! Anyhoo, enjoy my #TeamAaliyah! ;) :o) ♥   

@goodjujuisinyou: "That one time I hung out with #aaliyah backstage at #Marley fest #tbt #fun times AND reposing that #pantera hard!!!"

Aaliyah: Rare Photo

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@bushmanonair: "#TBT #Aaliyah #ArtNTheDark @fm98wjlb @larryhoward76"

Aaliyah With Her Cousin: Rare Photo

Rare photo of Aaliyah with her cousin. Courtesy to Aaliyah2pac via tumblr for sharing this and also Aaliyah's Aunt, who originally shared this photo. I can never get enough of seeing rare pictures of our beloved Babygirl, so thank you so much! :o)

Aaliyah: Rare Signed Photo

Repost from @kidjayjw thank you for sharing! Special shout out to AaliyahAlways for coming across this one! :o) 

@kidjayjw: "#RIPAaliyah.The hardest thing I ever had to do on radio was announce her passing! I just saw her a week prior and she signed this photo of her and I!"

Aaliyah: Rare Signed Autograph From My High School

Repost from @mixaholic who got an autograph from Aaliyah at his school! Which also happens to be the same school I went to too! ;) For personal reasons, I cannot disclose that information, but if you would like to contact me personally to talk about it you can via I was very young at the time, since this was during her AANBAN era, so I would not of really remembered much. But one of the main reasons I chose this high school was solely based on the fact that Aaliyah performed there. That alone had me sold from the jump! :o) In fact, my Brother's friend has her autograph too, which I have been trying to get a hold of for some time! 

Anyways, during this performance, I can confirm that Aaliyah was wearing army style trousers, and even gave a lucky student a peck on the cheek. (I'm sure loads of guys were looking with jealousy during that moment! lol) I can also confirm that another student had the nerve to ask Aaliyah whether or not her marriage to R.Kelly was true or not. Aaliyah replied back with a firm "Er....No!" Lol The nerve of some people to even ask that just makes me laugh. But I admire the fact that Aaliyah had the strength and courage to answer awkward questions. :o)