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Aaliyah: Rare Signed Autograph From My High School

Repost from @mixaholic who got an autograph from Aaliyah at his school! Which also happens to be the same school I went to too! ;) For personal reasons, I cannot disclose that information, but if you would like to contact me personally to talk about it you can via I was very young at the time, since this was during her AANBAN era, so I would not of really remembered much. But one of the main reasons I chose this high school was solely based on the fact that Aaliyah performed there. That alone had me sold from the jump! :o) In fact, my Brother's friend has her autograph too, which I have been trying to get a hold of for some time! 

Anyways, during this performance, I can confirm that Aaliyah was wearing army style trousers, and even gave a lucky student a peck on the cheek. (I'm sure loads of guys were looking with jealousy during that moment! lol) I can also confirm that another student had the nerve to ask Aaliyah whether or not her marriage to R.Kelly was true or not. Aaliyah replied back with a firm "Er....No!" Lol The nerve of some people to even ask that just makes me laugh. But I admire the fact that Aaliyah had the strength and courage to answer awkward questions. :o)

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