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The Aaliyah Archives: Remembering Tupac (1971 – 1996)

Can't believe it's been 18 years today since Tupac passed away. There hasn't been another rapper like him. His words, flow, story telling and topics have always hit home for me, everytime I listen to his music. A true, down to earth and positive role model within the Hip-Hop community. Like many legends and icons, he was one of those people who wanted to make a difference and change in the world. He touched upon real, social and political topics, not being afraid of what other people thought. Lyrically, I have not come across anyone who has even come close. He had so many great ideas of bringing communities together. I know that if he was still around it would of worked out, since his influence on people alone, was enough to make everyone listen and learn. R.I.P ♥

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