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They Call Me Timbaland 2: Narrated By Magoo (Official Mixtape)

So it's been awhile since I last posted, but as you all know I like to keep everyone updated on the latest ;) A couple days ago, Timbaland released his second part of his mixtape titled They Call Me Timbaland 2, which is narrated by his partner in crime Magoo (everyone's been wondering where he's been hiding right? lol), presented by DJ Supa. The second mixtape consists of 11 tracks along with how Magoo first met Timbaland. Any Aaliyah fans who missed the first mixtape, I highly recommend y'all cop that since there are some beautiful memories shared of Babygirl by Timbaland himself. For those who missed the first part of this mixtape, you can visit my last post via the link here for more information. Anyone who wishes to receive these mixtapes please email via One love! :o)


Aaliyah: Rare Photo

Repost via @flashgotti A lovely rare pic of Aaliyah from her One In A Million era. Thanks to @tylanol_nchill for the tag! Much love! :o) 


Aaliyah: Rare Photo

Repost via @ikay247: “TBT to 1996 Just before Aaliyah left, those of us that stayed behind to meet her after school rushed the stage she was sitting alone on to get a group photo with her. People including me were trying to get pictures from all angles. "Please can you take a photo on my camera” lol! She was cool and let us all say “cheese” Remember this@snaparazzi? We were all squashing her bro out of excitement! #tbt #aaliah#gonebutneverforgotten #superstar #randb#supertalented #gonetoosoon#oneinamillion #mrfrankwaslegit #school#bristol #singer #dancer #stylist #beautiful#actor #superwoman #cool #fashionicon#memories #realmusic #rolemodel#classywoman #legend #blessed #fans#thankGod #Godisgood #thankyouforcoming#missed.“ | Another beautuful rare picture and memory! Thank you! :o) 

Aaliyah: Rare Photo

Repost via @ikay247: “TBT to 1996 and meeting the incredible talented Aaliyah (RIP)at my secondary school. Our music teacher Mr Frank had mentioned to the whole school that she was coming after school but not a lot of people believed him. Me and my best friend @snaparazzi and some people stayed behind not convinced that she would come until she walked in with her mum, brother and some of her crew. It turned out Mr Frank was legit and had links in the music industry. Turns out she was doing some press in the Uk. We never doubted anything he said again after that! lol! She was so cool. did an A cappella of one of her hit song "ONE IN A MILLION” (which sounded beautiful) signed autographs and did a Q&A session with us. I’ll never forget a girl in our school asked her about her marriage to R Kelly and she replied “Im so sorry but can’t talk about that, but your so beautiful” She called my boy @shakynwa"cute"  remember bro?? #tbt#aaliyah #haughtonfamily#gonebutneverforgotten #superstar #randb#supertalented #gonetoosoon#oneinamillion #mrfrankwaslegit #school#bristol #singer #dancer #stylist #beautiful#actor #superwoman #cool #fashionicon#memories #realmusic #rolemodel#classywoman" | Thank you so much for sharing that beautiful memory with us all and thanks to @favouritethingsbyazzizz for the tag! :D 

Aaliyah: If Your Girl Only Knew (HQ Video) Courtesy Of Vevo

A big shoutout to @kboogieartzmedia for bringing this to my attention :D As you are all aware, whenever we come across any live performances from Aaliyah, the quality of the video posts never seem to be the best quality, which is quite a shame for all of us fans. Even Vevo, despite being known for uploading HD videos for other artists, they always seem to be a let down when it comes to Babygirl. However, to my surprise Vevo have actually uploaded a HD quality version of Aaliyah's performance at The Apollo, performing If Your Girl Only Knew from her second studio album, One In A Million. I have to say, that this is the best version that I've seen so far, you can really hear the depth and tone of her voice through this performance, as well as the chanting from the audience! :D Watch the full video below to enjoy to your hearts content! ;) One Love


Static Major: Rare Photos Courtesy of Jonathan Mannion

As you all know, I'm a huge fan of Static Major, unfortunately his life was cut too short, just as Aaliyah's was. I happened to post this on all my other social media pages, but realised I had not posted it on my main blog :D His Birthday was 6 days ago, and to celebrate, I happened to come across some rare out takes courtesy of one of my favorite photographers @jonathanmannion with the caption…

“This #FlashbackFridaytakes us to Kentucky where I photographed the group #Playa. It was the first shoot that I did for @ceyadams at the Drawing Board and kicked off what would become a relationship with @defjamrecords that continues to this day!! This shot of my brother #StaticMajor (Stephen Garrett) is a reminder of how precious life is. Rest in peace. #Cheers2You for your many accomplishments (including a Grammy) and for the beautiful music you have left for us to enjoy.” 

Amen to that! I couldn’t agree more! I have never seen these pics before, so I thought it would be nice to share with everyone! Enjoy! ;) 

Aaliyah: Rare Photo

Repost via @sonyasspotlight: "Remembering #Aaliyah. Today marks the 14th year anniversary of her death. Honored to have met her. #ShiningStar #GoneTooSoon #Aaliyah#RIP" | Thank you so much for sharing and thanks to @tylanol_nchill for tagging me! ;) This must of been one we didn't notice during the 14 year anniversary, so I'm glad we came across it! :o)

Aaliyah: Jay Leno Show, 2000 (Rare Photos)

Some beautiful rare images captured of Aaliyah (courtesy of Aaliyah.PL) on the Jay Leno Show performing her hit single Try Again in 2000. Out of all the live performances and outfits she wore, this one has to be my all time favourite! :o)


Rashad & Diane: Rare Photo

A nice rare pic of Rashad & Diane at the MTV VMA’s in 2002 courtesy of @haughtonangels a.k.a- @favouritethingsbyazzizz. Thank you for sharing hun! I look forward to many more pics! :D 


Aaliyah: Rare Photo

Repost via @egwilliams220 on Twitter of a young Lili with the caption... “TBT: Actress Chip Fields and a young budding singer named Aaliyah!” | Thank you so much for sharing, and thanks to @aaliyah_spain for the tag! ;)  


Aaliyah: Rare Photo's


Aaliyah & @nikkanacoldest (I also peep Michael Haughton in the background within the second image :D) Shout out to @aaliyahfanpage1979 for bringing the first image to my attention! Enjoy everyone! ;)


Aaliyah Archives News: Shipping Update For Aaliyah Fragrance

Just a quick update for all of those who have pre-ordered their Aaliyah Fragrance. Xyrena announced yesterday that ALL pre-orders will be shipped out in the order they were received, by the 9th November. For anyone who is wondering as to why it hasn't been shipped out mid-October time, they sent out an email explaining why, which you can read below here...

"Thank you for your recent purchase of Aaliyah by Xyrena. This e-mail is being sent to all customers who’ve pre-ordered either Aaliyah Extrait de Parfum or Aaliyah Vibe Spray.
Pre-Order: There has been some confusion by customers inquiring why their order is still “Processing” or why they haven’t received their order. As listed at the top of the product page, Aaliyah is a Pre-Order not available for immediate shipment. By placing a pre-order you have guaranteed your place in line to receive the product as soon as it’s available.
Shipping Date: Xyrena is a new brand and we’re in the process of upgrading our Extrait de Parfum packaging to an innovative luxury travel case that’s shockproof, waterproof, reusable, and all around awesome! Due to an unforeseen delay beyond our control we won’t have these new cases in stock until the end of this month. Our estimated ship date for Aaliyah was originally mid-October but due to our upgraded case delay we’re now anticipating that orders will ship on October 30th. We apologize for the delay and understand everyone is anxious to receive the Aaliyah fragrance. We’re also upgrading our labels to a more smudge resistant material for all Extrait de Parfum and Vibe Spray’s.
If for some reason our cases don’t arrive for shipping on October 30th than customers will have the option of either waiting until they arrive or having their Aaliyah Parfum shipped in a standard cardboard box.
Customer Service: Please do not send individual requests inquiring about the status of your order. Once your order ships you’ll receive a “Completed Order” e-mail and may track the shipment through your Xyrena account.
Please bear with us, we’ll be shipping all orders ASAP and think you’ll agree that it’s well worth the wait!
Thanks for your business!
I have also received messages from followers of mines, who have received emails of their purchases being shipped out to them. So for now, please be patient, and keep checking back on your emails to see the current status of your order! :o) I personally will be waiting on the new packaging that will be an additional bonus, along with the fragrance. I simply cannot wait to see it when it arrives! :D

Aaliyah: Rare Photo's Courtesy Of Edward Otchere

Happy 1st November y'all! Hope everyone had a great Halloween yesterday! Sorry I have not been posting much lately, I have been dealing with a lot of personal issues, so I hope you guys understand. 

Anyhoo...just to keep everyone updated, here are some new rare gems which surfaced a few days ago from photographer Edward Otchere, who happened to share these via his Twitter and Instagram page. It always brightens my day when I see new images of Aaliyah, so thank you for sharing with us all! :D A big shout out to @idreamofaaliyah for tagging me so that I was able to see these! Thank you lovely! ;)