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They Call Me Timbaland 2: Narrated By Magoo (Official Mixtape)

So it's been awhile since I last posted, but as you all know I like to keep everyone updated on the latest ;) A couple days ago, Timbaland released his second part of his mixtape titled They Call Me Timbaland 2, which is narrated by his partner in crime Magoo (everyone's been wondering where he's been hiding right? lol), presented by DJ Supa. The second mixtape consists of 11 tracks along with how Magoo first met Timbaland. Any Aaliyah fans who missed the first mixtape, I highly recommend y'all cop that since there are some beautiful memories shared of Babygirl by Timbaland himself. For those who missed the first part of this mixtape, you can visit my last post via the link here for more information. Anyone who wishes to receive these mixtapes please email via One love! :o)

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