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Final Words: Aaliyah’s Last Chat With

Hey guys! So it's been awhile since I have posted, but I came across a really nice Q&A where Aaliyah was answering questions from her fans back in 2001, via Back in the days before Facebook, Twitter etc... there were forums like live online IM chats where people were able to talk, and discuss topics, so this definitely brings back a lot of memories! :o) If you happen to remember this, or were actually one of the people who happened to ask Aaliyah a question, then please feel free to comment below! Anyhoo, read below for the full chat and enjoy! ;)  

Aaliyah_2001: What's up from Paris! I'm really excited to be talking to all of the fans!

Prettyboy: Who inspired who to be a singer at a early age?

Aaliyah_2001: My mother sings, when I was younger I sang with her a lot, she influenced me, I was into the artists she was into so I have to choose her.

Prettyboy: Who was your favorite artist growing up?

Aaliyah_2001: Sade was DEFINITELY my favorite.

donjavi: What do you do to keep you from getting nervous during performances?

Aaliyah_2001: It’s hard, I just like to have time with myself to medidate and calm myself because I get nervous before every performance, alone time is a necessity for me.

Stace_of_Trinidad: What is the key to longevity in the music business?

Aaliyah_2001: I’ve been in the business for 7 years- it’s about pacing yourself, I don’t want to overload my fans with “me,” being aware of overexposure, taking breaks not only for myself but for them as well.

DynastyPlaya: Can we expect an Aaliyah tour? if so, do you plan on stopping here in Hawaii : ) and when do you expect to hit the road?

Aaliyah_2001: Yeah, I definitely will perform, it’s the most fun for me, we’re talking about it now, possibly end of the year, maybe next year. I hope to perform in Hawaii, I haven’t in a long time and I hope I get a chance to go everywhere!

Xx_LiyahLuv_xX: To What do you attribute your new style? 

Aaliyah_2001: Well, my style is still the same since my first album, my signature style will always stay the same, any change is due to growth, I’m a young adult now, that’s the only change.

LiyahFan2005: You have been an inspiration to my life and help inspire me to achieve all of my goals, because of you I am a straight A student. How do you feel about affecting so many people?

Aaliyah_2001: That’s a wonderful thing, there’s nothing better than that. When you tour, you get to meet fans and see the positive effect you have on people- it’s a great feeling.

Aaliyahs_Nigga: Do you write your own lyrics?

Aaliyah_2001: No, that’s something I never really wanted to do. I like to sing, act and dance- that’s what I’ve been trained to do, I don’t think it’s something I’ll ever do.

Shama1185: Where do you think you’ll be 10 years from now?

Aaliyah_2001: I get that question a lot, and it’s hard to answer- you never know how you’ll feel tomorrow let alone 5 or 10 years from now, we’ll have to wait and see.

Caramel_Kisses: Who would you like 2 collaborate with that you haven’t already?

Aaliyah_2001: Of course Sade, and D’Angelo is someone I always admired- we actually tried to get together for this album but our schedules didn’t mesh- hopefully it’s something we’ll stll do.

IVERSONS_PLAYGURL: Aaliyah, how is your upcoming CD different from your last CD’s?

Aaliyah_2001: My new CD shows my maturity, you hear my growth vocally on the album, there’s a lot of different styles- jazz, rock with R&B, it’s got something for everybody, it’s just a fun album.

ghettogrl3: My niece has been dancing for years and she wants to know what can she do to excel at it?

Aaliyah_2001: I’ve been dancing since I was six - ballet, African dance, dance major in high school- just take different types of dance, work hard at it- she’s going the right way so far by taking lessons.

MsPhatBooDee: How do you keep your body in such good shape?

Aaliyah_2001: I choose to dance for excercise, I don’t like to feel like I’m working out! Dancing is fun while working every muscle in my body.

Aaliyahfan1fosho: Aaliyah, you are a great black strong female. What gave you that strength to carry on through all of the rumors?

Aaliyah_2001: Definitely my family. It’s in my blood to survive. Also my fans- my fans have showed me love throughout my whole career, these things keep me going, give me strength.

yoyodre: Aaliyah, do you still want to do a gospel album?

Aaliyah_2001: It’s something I would still like to do. I don’t know when but I love Gospel music so I’d still like to try to do that.

farrah: Aaliyah, which one do you like more acting or singing?

Aaliyah_2001: I can’t choose, I love them both equally, I’d like people to look at me as an entertainer, it’s important for me to do both.

JOHNBLAZE: Is it true that Barbra Streisand influenced you on the acting and singing combo?

Aaliyah_2001: Yes, I always admired her for the fact that she was an entertainer who tried different things and was successful- she is a strong woman and I admire that.

hiphopcastle: What is the meaning behind your beautiful name?

Aaliyah_2001: Awww- my parents wanted to give my brother and I names with meaning, they were considering becoming Muslim and chose names from a Muslim book - Aaliyah and Rashaad. Aaliyah means “the highest most exalted one, the best.”

Stace_of_Trinidad: How do you feel about other Black female entertainers showing skin just promote themselves and sell records?  Do you ever get criticized for staying away from that?

Aaliyah_2001: No, I don’t get criticized- artists do what they are comfortable with. There is nothing wrong with being sexy, showing a little skin. I won’t judge another artist, they are doiong what they want to do, expressing themselves.

JamezXavier: Beside the fact that he lays down to music for a lot of your songs, how has Timbaland influenced your sound?

Aaliyah_2001: He’s been a great influence, we have an amazing chemistry, we do a lot of our best work together, he is a great influence on my style and sound, we’re very close. We’ve been working together for over 5 years now.

Bamshad: How do you recognize a good script?

Aaliyah_2001: Depends on the connection I feel with the character, characters that are different from the ones I’ve done in the past. I first chose a character close to the Aaliyah people knew, the character in “Queen of the Damned” is far from that.

datillnigga: Aaliyah, were those real snakes in the “We need a resolution” video?

Aaliyah_2001: Yeah, those were real snakes, those were the real deal! (laughs)

pretty_woman_Jay: Aaliyah how do you feel about being voted as the sexiest black female by Black Men magazine?

Aaliyah_2001: That was really cool, I blushed, dimples came through (laughs)- it’s cool for people to appreciate you and your beauty, I was happy about that!

NoliaBoy2001: When is “Queen of the Damned” being released?

Aaliyah_2001: There is no hard release date yet. If not the end of the year then March 2002.

Vonique: So, aaliyah do you have any fears or regrets about being a entertainer?

Aaliyah_2001: I can’t say that I do, I feel blessed to have the career that I have, you can say I’m a veteran now- I’m still young, there is still things I want to do, I have no regrets, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Nycole: Aaliyah where do u got 2 have some peace and quiet and just 2 get away from people?

Aaliyah_2001: Whenever I have free time, I like to stay home, I’m a homebody or I go to friend’s houses or have friends over… but when I feel silly I’ll go to an arcade and play Lasertag or something like that. But for that alone time, I just stay in my place.

Chitown_Shawtiez: Who is your choreographer?

Aaliyah_2001: Fatima does all of my work.

mspooh09: I heard you enjoyed working with the snakes so much you brought your own. 

Aaliyah_2001: I was actually given a baby boa by my Uncle, it stays with my mom, it’s not at my apartment. She takes care of it when I’m not around, it’s named Kemet.

LiLiFan_2004: Do you have any pre-show rituals?

Aaliyah_2001: Just that I need to be by myself and have tea with lemon, no major rituals, that alone time is important.

LILWAYNE: Where was your favorite place to tour?

Aaliyah_2001: I really like performing in Japan, but I have to say my best tour was in NYC at Madison Square Garden on the Budweiser Superfest tour in ‘97, it was just one of those nights when everything went right, definitely one of the best shows.

jstorm: what’s the craziest thing a fan has done to meet you?

Aaliyah_2001: I haven’t had too many wild experiences, sorry I have no cool stories! (laughs)

LILCRYSTAL_212: Aaliyah, who are some of your favorite groups?

Aaliyah_2001: Umm, I like Destiny’s Child, Korn, Nine Inch Nails, Playa (they do a LOT of writing for me and I want everyone to check them out when their album drops!).. that’s it…!

Iceberg_Shorty: Who would you really like to do a song with?

Aaliyah_2001: That’s a good question, I’m gonna say D’Angelo again- when it comes to collaborations it’s good to think of whose style would mesh with yours, I think our styles would work well together.

Nycole: Do you still keep in touch with  your friends back in the day?

Aaliyah_2001: I had one friend that still lives in Michigan, I’ve known her since 1st grade, She is the only friend from my childhood I still talk to.

aaliyahfan1: Who are you dating?

Aaliyah_2001: That’s something I don’t really talk about, when you’re in the business there are things you want to keep to yourself, that’s for me…! 

boss18bos: aaliyah, what is your favorite song to sing, by someone other than yourself??

Aaliyah_2001: I love to sing “For All We Know” by Donnie Hathaway, I sing it when I have time to myself, I sing that one a lot.

JOHNBLAZE: Who are some of your closest friends in the industry?

Aaliyah_2001: Of course Missy and Timbaland and everyone in the crew, Natane, a model, Kidada Jones, Quincy’s daughter, is my best friend, I’m close with Damon Dash and Jay Z and all the people on Roc-A-Fella, those are the people I hang with most of the time

MODERATOR: That was the last question. Thank you Aaliyah for stopping by! 

Aaliyah_2001: I wanna say thanks to all the fans for their love and and support! Good night!

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