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Aaliyah: Karl Kani's Book, Holiday 2014

For all those who are avid collectors, here is one book you might want to add to your list! To some of you folks out there the name Karl Kani should already ring a bell. If you all remember awhile back, he shared some never before seen pics of our beloved Babygirl. To refresh your memories, here are all the pictures he shared below...

Right, now you're probably wondering what the big deal is right? Well, Karl Kani himself happened to share a small video snippet of his new book, which is going to be released around Christmas time this year. Anyhoo, peep the video below and check out the goods! ;)

@karl_kani: #originator THE BOOK holiday 2014 by #KarlKani"

Aaliyah: Rare Photo

Repost from @ateam628 Thank you so much for sharing! Babygirl looks so adorable in this pic! :o) :D 

@ateam628: "I have this photo of Aaliyah framed in the office. I have others from our sessions together but for some reason this one stands out. Could be the "let me eat my Crackerjacks in peace" look she has. Lol. I think this was the night we cut "I Don't Wanna" (still @pharrell fav song of mine) or "I Miss You". Anyway, Babygirl if you're checking in with it from time to time, then you know the world still misses you dearly! #whydothegooddieyoung?"


Aaliyah: Hamish Brown Shares Another Rare Pic!

So not only did we get to see a collection of never before seen contact sheets, photographer Hamish Brown shared this picture yesterday with the caption or should I say 'hashtags'...

Hamish Brown: "#unseen #bw #contactsheet #la #aaliyah #photograhy"

Yesss! Thank you so much once again Hamish Brown, your body of work is simply amazing! Enjoy my lovelies! :o) ;)

Happy 18th Anniversary to Aaliyah's One In A Million Album

My personal collection :o)

Happy 18th Anniversary to one of my fav albums 'One In A Million'. This album is true to its name, and one which paved its way during the mid 90's era. Such a timeless classic, and simply just one of those albums you never have to skip a track on. To me personally, this really made Aaliyah transition musically from her 'Age Ain't Nothing But A Number' era into something special and magical. Aaliyah was never afraid to experiment with her sound, such examples are Timbalands cricket noises you hear in the background off the song OIAM. R&B was at its peak during this time, with many other artists offering many classic 90's vibes. But the sound that Missy and Timbaland brought to the table, no one was ready for! So ahead of its time! I thank you @timbaland and @missyelliottofficial for your hard work, craft and most importantly...offering something unique to the R&B genre.

Aaliyah: Bud'da Tribute (Snippet)

Bud'da: Gone but not forgot often imitated but never duplicated #Aaliyah #Nevernomore #thankyou #legacy #Babygirl support

This is truly beautiful! I can't wait to hear the rest! :o) :D


Aaliyah: Rare Photo Courtesy Of Teddy Bishop

Teddy Bishop: #Aaliyah It was a great pleasure an honor working with you. The energy and talent that you gave to this earth still shines bright. You will always be remembered and missed. Continue to enjoy your journey. #MissYou produced by @teddyalexanderbishop (at Eoa Digital)

Aaliyah: Rare Photos

Thanks to @gtvreality for sharing these beautiful rare photos of our Beloved Babygirl! :o) :D

Aaliyah: Rare Photo Courtesy of Campus Lately

Photo courtesy of @campuslately who kindly shared this rare gem yesterday. :o)

Aaliyah: Rare Photo

Repost from @djshortmanhh 

@djshortmanhh: "Before the night is out I had post this for Baby Girl #Aaliyah I only put this pic up twice a year on her Bday an on the day she pass witch is today. We miss u baby Girl #heavyhitters #ShortBoss #celebrityDJ"

Aaliyah: Rare Photos Courtesy of Stylist Derek Lee

Repost from @dleestyle. For the first photo his caption read...

@dleestyle: " ... #photobomb ... sad, pissed & thankful is some mentally tiring shit...!" 

And for the second photo...

@dleestyle: "#crew ... #peoples ... #fam ... ❤"

I adore seeing moments of Aaliyah acting carefree and goofing around with her friends. No matter how many pictures I see, Aaliyah was always smiling no matter what hard times came though her way. Something which I admired about her the most. ♥

Aaliyah: Rare Photos Courtesy of Photographer Hamish Brown

A big thank you to photographer Hamish Brown for sharing some of his unseen work, on Aaliyah's 13th Death Anniversary via his Twitter page. Seeing all these rare pictures have made me so happy beyond words! :o) ♥

Aaliyah: Rare Photo

Repost from @mardin323 Thank you for sharing! :o)

@mardin323: "Aaliyah...Forever beautiful, Forever young, Forever an angel, Forever you will always remain in our hearts. It's been to long and I'm still lost without you. If you didn't have to go, everything would be so different. I Miss You. #Aaliyah #IMissYou #BabyGirl #RIP" 

Aaliyah: Rare Photo

Repost from @inkedboyaz  

@inkedboyaz: "LOL...! I can still see your face on audition day, I can still hear your laugh fill the black box, and how you always remember what to tell Whitney when you met her. WoW 13 years and still feels like yesterday. Thanks for being you LaLa.....! Miss you, but I me sure you and Wana are have a ball. RIP" 

Aaliyah: Rare Photo

Repost from @sharoncarpenter. Thank you for sharing this rare gem! I wish I could of had the chance to of met Aaliyah personally! :o)

@sharoncarpenter: "I had the pleasure of meeting #Aaliyah just before her untimely death. She came across as very kind and humble - beautiful inside and out."

Aaliyah: Rare Photo

Repost via @mayabatra: “tbt to the time me and @amanbatraaa were chillin with Naomi Campbell and #Aaliyah at @zibabeauty” 

Since a lot of rare pictures of Aaliyah crop up around this time every year, I am sharing all the ones I have come across, especially for those who have not had the chance to see them. So sit back, relax and enjoy! ;) ♥

Aaliyah: Rare Photo Courtesy of DJ Lonnie B

Repost from @djlonnieb Thank you so much for sharing this! :o) 

@djlonnieb: "This @DanjaMowf freestyle over the, "Are You That Somebody” instrumental was the idea that created one of the 1st & Biggest Unofficial Remixes EVER. @MikeStreetShow played it 1st on@iPower921, then they started playing it on WOWI in the 757. When we got the call that @DJEnuff was playing it on @HOT97, I couldn’t believe it. [This was before we knew each other]. After that, @DJClue put it on one of his mix tapes. I was so hype… I told Danja & @SkiilzVA, “Man, I don’t care if we don’t make a dime off of this, it would be dope if we actually get to meet Aaliyah and possibly get a platinum plaque for the remix. #DreamsDoComeTrue One day we got a call, “Aaliyah is performing at the Tunnel tonight and since they play the remix that y’all made on @Hot97 she wants you guys here to perform it with her. My 1st time meeting her was on that stage and it was unreal to see her doing the ad-libs to my verse as we performed… Afterwards we talked for a second and took a picture. She was one of the most beautiful people that I had ever met [Inside & Out]. Not long after that we got our platinum plaques. On this day in 2001, @BigNatRadio was just starting his radio career and right before his shift started we got the news that Aaliyah was killed in a plane crash…I had to stay on the air with him to break the news and I was devastated…. I promised myself that as long as i was on that box I would keep her legacy alive…. Tune In Today at 5pm as we show love to our Angel #Aaliyah #RIPAaliyah #AreYouThatSomebody #Supafriendz #Remix #RVA #RIPJusto"

Aaliyah: 13th Death Anniversary

So as you all knew, yesterday marked 13 years since Aaliyah's passing. I was meaning to post this up yesterday, but here is my personal thoughts on what I wrote yesterday...

Every year, this day always has me in conflicted feelings. On one side of the spectrum I celebrate the birth of my Father, and on the other, I remember a life of a beautiful, talented, young woman who's life was cut so short. I always find that the weather describes my mood best. And ironically all day, it has been raining tears from the heavens above. Words alone cannot fathom the amount of love and inspiration Aaliyah has had on me, but for those who know me well, already know that I've been down for her during the good old Timbaland days of the 90's. I still remember that very day of hearing the news of her passing. I refused to believe it. I couldn't believe it. My idol, the one who I looked up to the most no longer here? I was at home, saw the news on the tv, and felt my heart feel heavy and down. I turned away and looked outside the window, gazing at my back garden. I then looked up towards the clouds, contemplating in deep thought, and broke down in an ocean of tears. That day I will never forget, but I do know that although you are not here physically, you are with us in spirit Babygirl. To this day, I still see your influence in music, fashion etc... So I thank you for blessing us for those 22 years of your life. My thoughts and prayers shall remain with your friends, family and loved ones. 

As a personal tribute, I drew this in memory of our beloved angel. Rest in paradise. ♥

Drawn by yours truly. RIP Babygirl.


Aaliyah: Rare Photo Courtesy of Digital Black from R&B Group 'Playa'

Repost from Digital Black with Kidada Jones, Aaliyah and Smoke E. Digglera. Thank you so much for sharing! Such a beautiful pic! #Aaliyah #AaliyahArchives #AaliyahDanaHaughton #AaliyahHaughton #Babygirl #Lili #Liyah #KidadaJones #Black #DigitalBlack #smokeedigglera #Smokey #Playa #StaticMajor #StaticMajorIsMusic #Rare

Aaliyah: Rare Photo

Repost from @iamchachiiii who kindly shared this rare gem of Aaliyah with the caption..."#throwwayback me and #aaliyah at my #homecoming 96' R.I.P baby girl" Thanks to @aaliyahalways for coming across this! Enjoy my lovelies! :o) ♥  #AaliyahArchives #AaliyahHaughton #AaliyahDanaHaughton #Babygirl #Lili #Liyah #Rare

Aaliyah: Wax Poetics Magazine, Issue 59, (2014)


Happy August everyone! Hope all my readers out there are good! :o) Now, it's been awhile since I have posted any articles, but here is a very recent one I have come across which showcases some of Jonathan Mannion's unreleased and unpublished work of our Beloved Babygirl. Courtesy to Came To Give Love for sharing one of the rare, never before seen visuals which have been published in Wax Poetics magazine. I shall no doubt be purchasing this to add to my own collection. Anyone who wishes to purchase this article can do so via the link here Please click on the images to zoom in! Happy reading everyone! One love! :o) ♥