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Aaliyah & Static Major: The Demos

Track List:
1. Nothin' But A 'B' Party, Ya'll (feat. Magoo, Timbaland & Playa)
2. Never No More (Aaliyah Demo)
3. You Saved My Life (Kieran Demo)
4. We Need A Resolution (Aaliyah Demo)
5. Read Between The Lines (Aaliyah Demo)
6. Come As You Are (Brandy Demo)
7. Fire Lovin' (Pleasure P Demo)
8. Ghetto (feat. Southernaire All-Stars)
9. More Than a Woman (Aaliyah Demo) (First Version)

Now, I was meant to do a dedication a good few weeks ago for Static Major, since it would of been his birthday on 11th November, but juggling work, family and friends is a tricky business, so my next few posts will be in dedication to the man who was behinds Aaliyah's music style and lyrical content. A lot, of Aaliyah and Static Major/Playa fans will already know about this mixtape above, but for those who have been trying to look for this, or have simply come across this now, you have come to the right place. Any one who would like to get a hold of this please contact me via

Personally, I always find it quite intriguing listening to demo versions, as these are the versions where you are testing out exactly how you want the final cut version to sound vocally. Above, you can find listed a majority of the tracks that Static Major sang over on Aaliyah's tracks, among other artists such as Pleasure P and Brandy.

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