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The Aaliyah Archives: News


Hey guys! Hope everyone is all good! :o) So, it has come to my attention that Drizzy is yet planning another 'duet' using Aaliyah's vocals from one of her many unreleased tracks which we have yet to come by. Now, we all know how much Drake appreciates Aaliyah. We've even encountered speculations and rumors with him and producer Noah 40 Shebib who planned awhile ago to release another Aaliyah album. Since that's been put on hold, Drizzy shows us from his above Instagram video, a little snippet from his single featuring Aaliyah's never before heard vocals. What a tease! Drizzy posted this with the caption "24 HOURS ON THIS BUS" . From what I have researched, Young Money have also stated that the track playing in the background is in fact a new release, confirming that Drake will be releasing an additional 4 new tracks before the end of the year. I shall no doubt keep tabs on this for you all, for when the full version comes to surface, but until then, watch the video above to listen.

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