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Aaliyah: The Final Words Of An R&B Princess

Here's a written interview article courtesy of Came To Give Love, showing us the final words of our beloved Babygirl from Black Men Magazine 2002. I feel that it's always good to share these kinda of articles, since we are all trying to keep Aaliyah's memory alive. Anyhoo, read below for the full article. Enjoy everyone! :o)

Dear anonymous, I know what you had in mind. The Final Words of an R&B Princess is not a book. It's an article from Black Men Magazine (2002) by Anne M. Raso. I've found this article, I hope that you'll enjoy.Fans are still mourning the loss of this young R&B legend. Black Magazine had the honor of conducting one of her last interviews-and we are proud to present some of her final words of wisdom.
  • BM:I hear you are working on some film scripts with your brother...
  • AALIYAH:Yes, he’'s got a real talent for screenwriting. We hope to have same projects going into production next spring.
  • BM:What would you say to siblings who compete with each other?
  • AALIYAH:That is a sad thing to me. I think if one person in a family is able to make it and be a success, he or she should help out the other people in the family. My grandmother always taught me to treat others the way you want to be treated yourself.. .and this would be a good situation to apply that to.
  • BM:Has your beauty ever worked against you getting a role?
  • AALIYAH:I don’'t consider myself to be special looking in any way-there are a million actresses more attractive than me in Hollywood, they just haven'’t gotten their chance yet. There are definitely people who didn'’t take me for roles, but it really was for a variety of reasons. It wasn'’t that I was too good-looking— I just didn’'t have the right look for the role.
  • BM:You are dating someone who is a music producer (Damon Dash)-how does that work for you in terms of professional conflicts?
  • AALIYAH:It doesn'’t present any problems at all-we just have to work really hard to make the time to see each other. But it'’s romantic to grab a special moment on the run. And we talk on the phone all the time-I am always talking to him if I am sitting in an airport lounge or in a car. He knows I always think of him.
  • BM:What is the saddest thing you have ever experienced?
  • AALIYAH:The passing of my grandmother-I have a tattoo in her honor. I know I am going to see her again sometime. She always made me feel good about myself.. always encouraged me.. and everyone needs someone like that when they are growing up. Kids have so much stuff they have to go through that’s confusing.
  • BM:What is the greatest lesson she ever taught you?
  • AALIYAH:Love Jesus, have Christ in your heart at all times and you'’ll always know the right thing to do. I always think, what would Jesus do?
  • Many of our readers have written or called about the woman missing from the December 2001 issue’s "10 Sexiest Women Of 2001." The missing seventh-place fin­isher was sexy recording artist Aaliyah, whose untimely and tragic death happened just as Black Men’s presses were rolling on that issue. As a result of the tragedy, and out of respect for the star’s family, the executive staff made a decision to take Aaliyah out of the lineup. With no time to revise the layout, Black Men’s December 2001 issue printed minus the seventh-place personality. We apolo­gize for any inconvenience caused.
  • (Source – Came To Give Love

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