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The Aaliyah Archives: News

(Rare image uploaded from photographer Eric Johnson via Instagram)

Now as fans we all know that there was speculation going on as to whether or not there was even going to be a movie based on Aaliyah. First we heard about Keisha Chantรฉ taking on the role of Babygirl and than we heard rumors of Solange Knowles allegedly taking on the role too. Now I'm sure all of you guys out there are like, ok what is going on? It's nearly the end of 2013 and still no movie? Well, The Aaliyah Archives has come across an interview from Lamont Pete who fills us in on what's happening. Check out the interview below from Respect The who interviewed Lamont Pete confirming this with The Vocal

Given your hectic work schedule what does a typical day in the life of Lamont Pete look like?

Everyday isn’t typically the same from the day before.  I handle multiple things. If it’s a major event, then there’s planning.  If it’s working with The Clintons on multiple charity events, then I am handling that.  We have TV projects and film projects, so I just look at everything that has to be accomplished.  I really manage all the different tasks differently. 

Blogger The Vocal Vixen sits with Entertainment Guru Lamont Pete for an interview about his history in the industry, the Clinton Campaign as well as the upcoming Aaliyah Biopic Movie.  After rumors circulated about a possible movie about the singer’s life Lamont Pete confirms it with! Lamont Pete is also working on the Clinton Campaign for the upcoming election, and throws lavish parties for the Hollywood Elite.  Check out the interview below.

With you wearing so many hats, how do you balance work and your personal life?

You have to have a sense of balance in everything that you do-whether you’re an entertainer or doctor or a lawyer. For me, I’ve learned  from Nick Cannon, and others that are high profile and have a lot going on, that you have to take out moments from your life and dedicate it to yourself and to your family. I will have one day out of the week like Sunday that I try to not do anything. I have a great staff too! My general manager use to manage Tyrese, another girl that works for me came out of the William Moris Agency. All of them that are working with me are very expereinced and know how to get the job done. You have to have people working with you, employees or partners, that can go in and keep things going.   

 You came  from a background of education (as a sixth grade teacher).  What caused the change in career?

My journey is a little more detailed than that.  I am a University of Miami graduate, and my family was always highly educational. I got into teaching because I was a musician. I was a music teacher to a 6th grade class! Me teaching an entire 6th grade class started as me substituting 6th grade class while the teacher was sick and teacher never returned! I always knew it wasn’t my thing and I always had a thing for entertainment. I lived in ATL managing producers, and I also worked in Bobby Brown’s camp, and worked around Usher for some time. Once I got out of music and came to L.A., I fell into reality TV. My life is kind of like that movie ‘Catch Me If You Can’ [taking out the police]. That movie is a good indication of how life has been. Do something and become really good at it, and be known for it!

You have been in this industry for 20 plus years.  What is your secret to maintaining longevity in such a competitive field?

Know more than one thing, and be educated. You don’t have to take a course, but education is key. Educate yourself on your market because like anything else, the market is a market of product. Knowing how to sell product is and knowing the appetite of consumers helps. Whatever you do, if you can make money you have a market. You also have to keep your integrity because whatever you say you’re going to do, do it, and do it to the best of your ability. Most people know that I have a good record of delivering, so make sure you do what you say you’re going to do!

Tell us a little bit about your upcoming project: the Aaliyah movie.

I can’t talk much about it because it’s so early. We are working with Blackground Records on this one. We formed a partnership and are currently going through the development stages. The movie will be a story about her and the life Barry Hankerson, being told through his perspective. Barry Hankerson really founded her and developed her, so that’s what the movie will be about.  

Is there a message you hope viewers can take away?  If so, what is the message?

There’s a lot of things that happened that people really don’t know about.  Barry Hankerson really had to be the tough guy because protected her from a lot of craziness going on. You’ll see some of the things that she never had to encounter, and avoided because he was there to protect her. I don’t know how much it’ll be about her music-instead it’s about her life in general; going into cancer, teenage love, all of that! 

What would say to someone who is looking to break into the industry as a producer?

Education is always the first key. If you don’t have your niche, there is something to fall back on. Don’t be afraid to start from the bottom (not getting paid). When i came to L.A., before I got into casting, I worked as a production assistant. Anything they needed I was there. I was a gofer! I was on a 10, and focused so much on being the best PA I could be. They called me back two days after my position was over and put me on salary. Those relationships led to other things, and day in day out my work ethics were relentless.  

You are a key player in the progressive movement of Reality TV from the success.  How does it feel to know that you are the man behind such an explosive genre in television?

I was there when it first started, and it’s interesting to have been apart of something that is a regular thing these days. Reality TV happened because of writer’s strike. I arrived in L.A. during that strike, and they needed shows, so it was my job to find people for shows. When I first started seeing my name on credits, it was so cool! Now it is hard for me to relax. Although I’ve accomplished that milestone, I am now looking for something else. You’re only as good as the last thing that you did. There wasn’t one show my name wasn’t on. I’ve moved on to other things now, and I am pushing forward! 

What role will you play in the Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign?

This is still entertainment related, but it is a 6 city tour called “Behind the Curtain” which will feature Blaire Underwood, Bill clinton, and Forrest Whitaker.  The purpose of the tour would be to raise money for children charities. I am really excited about this! They have brought me in as a Talent Producer, and we have a big show coming up in Richmond which will feature Ne-Yo, and I am trying to secure Christina Aguilera and Alicia Keys. The whole purpose is to raise money for the kids. That’s what this is about! 

What could we expect from you next?

Technology is where it’s at. I’ve been working with the city of Los Angeles to come up with a way to turn the city buses from normal buses into buses with WiFi devices. That’s really my pet project!

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