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Tank - Being Aaliyah's Background Singer & What Made Her Special

🔁 via @247hh "Official 247HH exclusive interview with Washington D.C. based R&B/Soul artist Tank, where you’ll hear him share his experience being a background singer for Aaliyah, and the personal qualities Aaliyah possessed that made her special."

Really enjoyed this interview! 😊 The fact that she fired her background singers, Baby Girl was not afraid to cut people loose if they were not serving her any purpose, so this speaks volumes! Her humbleness was beyond real! So nice to watch an interview with so much sincerity. Thank you so much for sharing! You can watch the full interview below! Enjoy!✌🏽❤️

Aaliyah: Rare Photo Courtesy Of Caroline Torem Craig

🔁 via photographer 📸 @nynightclubbing: "This is a close-up from a group photo of AALIYAH With Tommy Hilfiger at a Tommy Girl photoshoot. Kate Hudson, Kidada Jones and Mark Ronson were there also. 1990's"

Thank you so much for sharing and tagging! Love this candid of Aaliyah! 😍❤


Aaliyah: Rare Photo

🔁 via @mrbedstuyfly "@zel_sbglife "Remember This Day #Tbt #2000 #BeatStreetRecords Downtown Brooklyn Romeo Must Die #AALIYAH 🙏🏻🕊 Some Of The Best Times Of My Life 💯💯💯 Was In This Basement #BeatstreetRecords"

Wow what a gem!! Thank you so much for sharing and thanks to my big sis @weloveaaliyahaughton for the tag! 😘❤


Aaliyah On Top Of The Pops: Rare Footage

🔁 via Jermaine Montell on YouTube "Rare Home video footage behind the scene of the late Aaliyah ...Continue to Rest In Peace"

Thank you so much for sharing this rare gem with us all! And a huge thanks to @tylanol_n_chill and @aaliyahalways for the tag! Love you guys! ❤️ Like just look at how flawless her dance moves are! I also like the part where the camera zooms in on her butt! Lmao! 😂 I don't blame them though! 😉 Also on July 21st, 2000, was when Aaliyah performed on Top Of The Pop's, here in the UK. Every Friday evening this used to come on, and best believe I watched as a kid when Aaliyah was performing! 😍 Watch the full video below and enjoy! 😎


Aaliyah & Monica: Rare Photo

🔁 via @tejralexander who shared this lovely rare pic of Aaliyah and @monicadenise from her documentary 'The Story Of 'Miss Thang' Part 1 - Southside'. Thank you so much for sharing and thanks to @aaliyah_spain and @ultimate.aaliyah for the tag! 😊❤

You can watch the full video below here. Enjoy!


Aaliyah: 'I Can Be' Files & Loose Rap Remix from Bud'da

🔁 via @buddamann1: "#anniversary #Aaliyah
Remembering Babygirl wow 19 years ago today #rip we miss you #Aaliyah @buddamann1 #redalbum @therealtank"

OMG!! The original sound files from producer Bud'da from Aaliyah's 'I Can Be'. That guitar riff was always mad dope to me!! 😍😍😍❤🔥🔥🔥 I remember when my brother first heard me listening to Aaliyah's red album for the first time, he was like woahh.....what is this!??? 😱😱 Pure genius in the making right there!! Thank you so much for sharing! 🙏🏽❤

Bud'da also shared another snippet of his 19th anniversary tribute using an unheard mix of Loose Rap. Watch below and enjoy! 😊


Happy 19th Anniversary to Aaliyah's Red Album!

Happy 19th Anniversary to Aaliyah's self titled album, also known as Aaliyah's 'baby' and what we as fans dearly know it as the #RedAlbum. 19 years ago today on July 17th 2001, a masterpiece was released! 😎🙌🏽❤

A timeless classic that stands the test of time, Aaliyah's self titled album was the blueprint for so many artists of today's music. The magic that people made on this iconic album such as people like Static Major, Eric Seats, Rapture Stewart and J-Dub, truly captured the essence and spirit of Aaliyah both lyrically and musically. The very fact that this album was released in 2001, you would never think the music from this album reflected that era. This is something that continually amazes me as there were a lot of tracks which were recorded in the the mid and late 90's which actually featured on this masterpiece. A classic example would be 'I Care 4 U', a song which was originally intended for Aaliyah's second studio album 'One In A Million', but ended up being used on her third album instead! Crazy right?

Truth be told, no one was creating those sounds back then which is very telling as when you listen to this album, it sounds as fresh today then it ever did even back then. Baby Girl was truly ahead of her time, her vision of what and how she wanted things. Even the Japanese animation advert that was used and created by Warren Fu, was genius in terms of how everything was promoted and marketed. So with all that being said, let us take a trip down memory lane and listen to this full album below and celebrate a never ending legacy that we will never forget! ❤️

For a lot of fans I know it is very difficult to get a hold of Aaliyah's music via streaming platforms, and as fans there have been 2 petitions going around to help get Aaliyah's music, so if you would like to help, please sign both petitions below and spread the word to all your friends, families and loved ones! 


Aaliyah: Rare Photo

🔁 via @zakiyahawkinsmartin on FB "My parents and the late Great Aaliyah"

Thank you so much for sharing! And thanks @favouritethingsbyazzizz for the tag! ❤ Aaliyah looks so gorgeous here! 😍 This was at a wedding in Detroit, where Baby Girl had the privilege of singing to all the guests 😊


Aaliyah & Missy Elliott: Rare Photo Courtesy of Ben Watts

🔁 via @wattsupphoto: "Club cheetah nyc 90z wiv @aaliyah & @missymisdemeanorelliott ...... original @polaroid taken on land camera #film #aaliyah #polaroid #landcamera #benwatts #shhhh"

Wow absolutely love this! 😍❤ Thank you so much for sharing 😄