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Aaliyah On Top Of The Pops: Rare Footage

🔁 via Jermaine Montell on YouTube "Rare Home video footage behind the scene of the late Aaliyah ...Continue to Rest In Peace"

Thank you so much for sharing this rare gem with us all! And a huge thanks to @tylanol_n_chill and @aaliyahalways for the tag! Love you guys! ❤️ Like just look at how flawless her dance moves are! I also like the part where the camera zooms in on her butt! Lmao! 😂 I don't blame them though! 😉 Also on July 21st, 2000, was when Aaliyah performed on Top Of The Pop's, here in the UK. Every Friday evening this used to come on, and best believe I watched as a kid when Aaliyah was performing! 😍 Watch the full video below and enjoy! 😎

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