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Aaliyah: If Your Girl Only Knew (HQ Video) Courtesy Of Vevo

A big shoutout to @kboogieartzmedia for bringing this to my attention :D As you are all aware, whenever we come across any live performances from Aaliyah, the quality of the video posts never seem to be the best quality, which is quite a shame for all of us fans. Even Vevo, despite being known for uploading HD videos for other artists, they always seem to be a let down when it comes to Babygirl. However, to my surprise Vevo have actually uploaded a HD quality version of Aaliyah's performance at The Apollo, performing If Your Girl Only Knew from her second studio album, One In A Million. I have to say, that this is the best version that I've seen so far, you can really hear the depth and tone of her voice through this performance, as well as the chanting from the audience! :D Watch the full video below to enjoy to your hearts content! ;) One Love

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