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Aaliyah: Candid Memories Shared By @mama_ck

I couldn't let yesterday pass without sharing the beautiful memories shared by @mama_ck a good friend of Aaliyah. Personal moments like these mean a lot to us as fans, especially when we learn something new about them. I tried my luck and personally asked mama_ck what her most fondest memory of Aaliyah was, and to my surprise she answered straight away, not only answering my question, but sharing more memories and more pictures she had stored away. To this day I have never come across anyone so kind hearted and generous, so God bless this woman! Like Aaliyah, you too are very much beautiful inside and out. Thank you for sharing these personal memories with us all. 

I took the liberty of taking screenshots of the conversation via my phone, just so that everyone could have a good read! Some of it may seem jumbled since some of the captions were written under different posts, so I have just got the main parts where she mentions Aaliyah. I don't know whether I am more overwhelmed by the rare pictures or the actual memories she has shared. One thing is for sure, I have definitely learnt something new about Babygirl. Enjoy guys! ;)


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