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Aaliyah As Featured Cameo In Timbaland & Magoo's: Luv 2 Luv Ya (Remix)

Released: November 11th 1997
Recorded: 1996 – 1997
Label: Blackground/Atlantic

And here we have Timbaland & Magoo's Luv 2 Luv Ya (Remix). I have to say, I love Aaliyah in this video! The black leather outfit is just fire! And her dance moves? Could she of gotten any better? Even though her appearances were short in the video, Babygirl was killing it with the time she had. If you look more closely, you even get the chance to see other artists such as Static Major and Ginuwine, who also feature as a cameo in the video. As we all know, the Timbaland crew at the time were very tight, which shows as they were very much like family, which is expressed in the very last image above. Another throw back 90's joint to add to the mix! Enjoy! :o)

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  1. Wow, there just isn't any beats or groove like this in today's time. It's like they embodied the atmosphere of their time so well. They made you want to get down!