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Two Rare Aaliyah Photos: Shared by Damon Dash's Nephew

Aaliyah sitting next to Stacey Dash on the left.
Miami 2001 Damon's son Boogie and his Nephew with Aaliyah.

Hey guys! I'm back with some more treats for you! Here are some rare photos that Damon's Nephew shared with all the Aaliyah fans out there! :o) Now the bottom photo got me a little curious, but since this was shot in Miami, Dame's Nephew recalled that he flew over to see Babygirl shoot this scene, along with the scene where she was in the pool. The next morning, Dame's Nephew headed back to New York, where Aaliyah was also traveling but to the Bahamas, where she was obviously going to shoot the scenes from the beach and the ones on the boat. (Source – lipstickalley

Makes me sad seeing these pics, because Aaliyah always talked about wanting to have kids some day, and no doubt she would of been a great Mother. Having said that, you can see how happy everyone is, united as a family. When you have that foundation of LOVE in a home, that's all you'll ever need to create a strong bond, whether it be with your family, friends or lover. Anyhoo, enjoy these rare gems everyone! :o)

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