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Aaliyah As Featured Cameo In Nicole Wray ft. Missy Elliot's: Make It Hot

Released: August 20th 1998
Recorded: 1997 – 1998
Label: The Goldmind/Elektra

Here's another classic 90's joint from Nicole Wray and Missy Elliot's – 'Make It Hot'. As you can see from the above images, Aaliyah is also featured in this video, amongst her fellow Timbaland crew members, showing us how it was done back in the day. Production wise, Timbaland was solely responsible for this track. Now originally, when I first watched the video, I noticed how Nicole Wray looked very similar to Babygirl with her outfit and styling. The hat, long hair, baggy clothes, I almost thought it was Aaliyah at one point, but it's not. Anyways, watch and enjoy! :o)

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