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Aaliyah Interview for TV4: By Roman Rogowiecki

Here's an interview I came across via Came To Give Love who shares with us a lovely picture that was shot, whilst the interview took place. Roman Rogowiecki who kindly shared this picture with Came To Give Love, gives us a behind the scenes tour of what went down during this interview session. :o)

RR: Thank you for finding a time for TV4 and congrats for your Romeo Must Die movie! Tell me, why right now ? When you are 20, being a very famous vocalist you started an acting career?

Aaliyah: I always wanted acting, since when I was very young, but music was just always first so, I felt its not right time to me. Music was the most important to me, that’s why I’ve decided I want to establish myself as a singer first. Not so long time ago I felt like I’m ready for an acing career, and then Romeo Must Die project came up.

RR: How much of Trish (Aaliyah’s character in Romeo Must Die) is in you?
Aaliyah: We are very similar in a lot of ways. That’s why I wanted to take this role. Trish is sweet but tough girl. She’s very independent and confident, so I thought people who know me as Aaliyah can also accept me in this role,because this character has a lot of my traits.
RR: I think sometimes when you are doing a movie it’s like a special therapy, the actors can learn a lot about themselves on the set. What you have learned about yourself while doing Romeo Must Die?
Aaliyah: Yeah, that’s really is. This stems from the fact that when you act you try to do the things you probably would never do in a real life. When it comes to play Trish I can be tough like her, but only sometimes, and she’s like tough all the time.Through this role I’ve learned to say straight what’s on my mind, and it wasn’t like that before. It’s Trish who says right away what’s on her mind no matter what situation is.
RR: Were you afraid of the fact that most of the time music artists fail on the movie screen as an actors ? Were you scared about that?
Aaliyah: I didn’t think about that. I’ve worked very hard to do my best. I didn’t think about failure. I’m very positive person, I’m always an optimist. If I’m doing something I’m always well prepared. I worked out of my love for acting. If people gonna like what I did I’ll be very happy, if not I’ll try to come back with something different.

RR: And how it was to work with a polish director Andrzej Bartkowiak? He showed the vision of America through Chinese man point of view.

Aaliyah: I love Andrzej! The work with him was a great experience. I mean, since the beginning he was so sweet. Since our first met, before I even got that part, during the screen test he was really caring and he let me to just be me. I can’t wait to work with him again. He’s really sweet.

RR: Thank you it’s really nice of you. In your videos, on CD covers, now of course, you are always so well dressed.You were Tommy Hilfiger’s model. How you look at fashion? What are the things Aaliyah wear?
Aaliyah: Yes, I’ve worked for Tommy for a year. I admit, I like fashionable things, but fashion is not something that takes control of me. If I like something I take it and I make it Aaliyah. I think I’m someone who creates fashion, a trendsetter. I just wear what I like. It doesn’t mean though everyday I’m wearing expensive clothes. In an airplane you can meet me in slippers and pajama pants (laugh). I like fashionable things but that’s not the most important thing in the world.

RR: And what about your favorite designers?

Aaliyah: I love Dolce & Gabbana clothes, I love Roberto Cavalli, he’s fantastic. His stuff are perfect for me.
RR: It’s been 4 years since your last album.

Aaliyah: Singing is very important to me, I just finished some work on the album. I’m very happy about the new material. I’m really working hard right now.
RR: In Romeo Must Die we can hear 4 of your new tracks. How important is music for the film?

Aaliyah: Very important. Music is always an essential, integral part of every film. We really wanted to choose the right songs on the soundtrack, so that’s why we watched the movie first and then we chose the right songs.
RR: And how did you feel receiving two MTV awards for Try Again?
Aaliyah: It was an amazing feeling! You work hard to please your fans, so it’s also nice to be appreciated by the music industry. I had no words to express my happiness. That was a great work.

RR: And what do you think about an increasing number of new hip-hop artists. Are you afraid of growing competition?

Aaliyah: No. I compete with Me, I compete with Aaliyah. I like a lot of new artists out there. The market is big enough for all of us. I always work to be better, and I don’t feel like I’m competing with anyone.

RR: Recently you also started to write own lyrics, what about that?

Aaliyah: It’s true that I’m trying to make it also as a songwriter, I’m working with my brother. We listen to the music first and then we create the lyrics. It happens spontaneously, it’s hard to explain it (smile).

RR: Will it be scary if I ask you to sing to me a little bit of Try Again?
Aaliyah: Oh no, please! (facetiously) *singing the verse from Try Again

RR: Oh, I’m in heaven! Thank you very much. I hope we will meet again.
Aaliyah: Thank you.
* The translation is ours and mostly it’s based on Roman Rogowiecki polish translation in the video.

(Source – Came To Give Love)

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