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Aaliyah: Time (Unreleased Track)

Released: 2003
Recorded: ?
Label: Blackground Records

Hey guys! Sorry I have been MIA on my blog due to work. But don't worry, I haven't forgotten about you! :o) Here's a rare unreleased track that some may not be aware of. The track is called Time and ironically Aaliyah didn't have enough 'time' to complete the whole of this song, so if you check out the first video below, that is the original where Babygirl is singing the hook –

"It ain't enough hours in a day, to do it all
It ain't enough days in a week, to do it all
It ain't enough weeks in a month, to do it all
It ain't enough months in the year to do it all..."

All I can say is aint that the truth! Lol! At the moment I have to say this is how I have been feeling this week, since there really isn't enough hours during the day. It's like when we were younger time would just drag on so slowly, but as we get older the hours, days, weeks, months and years seem to just pass us by like the speed of light. Now when I first heard this, I always wondered how the completed version would of sounded if Babygirl had enough time to complete the track. Since I loved this song so much, I was trying to get a hold of someone who was very good at editing and mixing music, until I came across a video I found on youtube by a guy named Simon Ruddy (you can check him out via Youtube). Now this guy answered my prayers as he actually sang over the blank parts and made the song sound complete. Fitting into the theme of the song, I gotta give huge props to this guy for doing a great job, so well done! Now unfortunately, I did upload this awhile ago, but the video has been deleted, so if you would like to listen to the full completed version please email me at :o)

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