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Kendrick Lamar ft. Aaliyah: We Need A Drank (Mash Up)

Here's a little Wednesday treat for you all! :o) Now normally, I'm not a big fan of remixes/mash ups, but I gotta say when I heard this rendition I was blown away! The person who made this –Raheem D is someone who I have to give huge props to for making such a carefully though out piece, staying true to our beloved Babygirl's style. In all honesty, I actually prefer this version to Kendrick Lamar's original, since the arrangements blend so well. Good work Mr! Just to show some love check out his mixtape: Aaliyah The Mash Up Mixtape which you can purchase here via In the description for the mixtape he goes on to say –

"Finally, my Aaliyah mashup mixtape has arrived and has been finished! It features some of my most successful Aaliyah mashups from the past year and also includes a few new mashups. It features the likes of Robin Thicke, Usher, Justin Timberlake, Frank Ocean, Drake, Kendrick Lamar and more. It includes the highly popular mashup 'Thinkin' Bout A Million' that currently has over 50 thousand views on YouTube and also includes 'Come Over And Demonstrate' a mashup which was shared by the very talented Jojo herself. I hope you enjoy this mashup mixtape and although we will never hear new music from Aaliyah herself I feel that making mixtape's like these help keep her legacy alive"

 All I can say is that you won't be disappointed! Oh and because I am so nice, I've also added another mashup joint of his down below! Happy listening everyone!  :o)

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