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The Aaliyah Archives: News

First and foremost, Happy May Day everyone! :o) Ok, so I am a bit late on this, since I have been occupied with other engagements, but just to let all my readers out there know that +Timbaland and Smoke E. Digglera have shown acknowledgment of my blog posts :D Timbo has officially liked one of my posts via Tumblr and Smoke E. Digglera from Playa has officially followed me on Twitter. Words cannot express how I feel, since both of them are an extension of Aaliyah and the closest link I have to her as a loyal fan. Even a close link to Static Major too, the man behind many of Aaliyah's greatest lyrics. I feel so happy and blessed right now, so this is a special shout out to both of you for having the privilege of working along side with such a beautiful, talented angel who touched all of our hearts. One Love <3

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