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The Aaliyah Archives: News

Photo courtesy of Sabrina.

So awhile ago I posted about an Aaliyah Project that Sabrina (who also goes under the name of Maximum-Aaliyah) proposed to everyone. If you don't remember, check out my last post via the link here for further information. Personally, I thought this was a great idea since it would be a nice tribute for Babygirl's AANBAN 20th anniversary, so to help spread the word I decided to help her, by promoting this via my blog page.

I'm not one to be so negative but I am highly disappointed in the lack of response towards this project. In total, there are only 12 pictures that have been submitted so far, and as you are all aware this is not a sufficient amount if it is going to be printed up as a book. We need all of you fans out there to unite and come together if we have any chance for this special project to happen, otherwise if there isn't enough pictures, well I'm afraid the whole project will not take place, and that would be such a shame right?

Originally the closing date for all submissions WAS May 5th, but you now have until May 12th to submit your AANBAN memorabilia/tribute to Sabrina via If you are stuck for ideas, here's a quote from Sabrina outlining the details for this project...

"I have only 12 pictures for my #Aaliyah project for the 20th anniversary of Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number! It’s not enough to print a whole book!  You had originally untill May 5th to send me a picture of you reppin’ the album to the fullest with your name and country by mail at:
I’ll let you until May 12th to send me more pictures cause I really would like to bring the book at Ferncliff on June to let the Haughton family know that we think about them and Aaliyah! I’m sure they’d appreciate this gift from us, her fans! If on May 12th I haven’t at least 25 pictures, the project won’t happen…
Do not forget: your picture must contain an item in reference to the album Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number (it can be a picture of Aaliyah during this era, a poster, the album, a promotional item…)! Just let shine your imagination and dedication :) ;)
Thank you to all the fans who spread the word and try to make it happen, you ‘ll be credited on the back cover of the book of course!"

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