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Snippet Of Aaliyah Track Produced By Jaylien Featuring Chris Brown

Shout out to You Know I Got Soulfavouritethingsbyazzizz and Aaliyah Always for all their reliable information that I'm about to lay out for everyone out there. As you know, I am always one for sourcing where I find my information, and never take credit for something by copping it out as my own as some people do. So I would like to make it clear that anyone who does find any information on my page, be sure to give credit to myself and others where the credit is due respectfully, that is all. Right, now that I've made that clear lets get down to business with this whole buzz that is currently happening at the moment. 

So it appears that a snippet of an unreleased track from R&B group Playa titled 'Charge It To The Game' which also features vocals from our beloved Babygirl, has been used by producer Jaylien Wesley featuring the likes of Chris Brown. You Know I got Soul had confirmed that this unreleased track was around for awhile, which you can clearly see from what Aaliyah Always had said to another fan inquiring about this track. So it looks like we are going to see another song from Chris Brown which apparently might be titled 'No Love'  judging from the video snippet below which you can view for yourselves. A quote from the video uploaded on Instagram, which Jaylien posted goes on to say this...

Jaylien: "Since Drake released a snippet of his Aaliyah contribution a couple weeks’s a sneak of one I produced, coming 2014. Aaliyah x CB x Jaylien. deleting soon."

And there you have it! Now although normally I would be happy about something like this, I don't feel it's right for someone to claim money on someone who is already deceased, especially with vocals that even us as fans have not even had the chance to hear. Not to mention having used the vocals from a Playa track. Now don't get me wrong, I think it's great hearing fresh, new vocals from Aaliyah, but one thing in mind is something we should all remember as true, loyal fans. If her family have no involvement or support around this project, than I strongly believe it should not be out. Case closed. What do you think? Do you agree or disagree? Feel free to comment below and share your opinions on this matter

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