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Aaliyah: The Big Help, Nickelodeon, 1997 (Rare Footages)

🔁 via @rebeca_salomao: “Going through my old tapes #dancingdayz in #losangeles look who I found! #aaliyah #babygirl #rip ❤💎 u were #beautiful #insideout ☝💝 we miss u ❤💎 #neverseenbefore 👑❤”
My heart! 😭😩❤ Thank you so much for sharing these never before seen gems with us all! And a huge thanks to @aaliyahforeva22 for the tag! 😘❤ This footage of Aaliyah is at Nickelodeon’s ‘The Big Help’ in 1997. 😉👍🏽 You can watch the 3 videos below via instagram. (Swipe left to see the other videos)

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