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Aaliyah Archves: News

🔁 via @favouritethingsbyazzizz "#TeamAaliyah, don't fall for this #fakenews, the "BarryHankerson" account on Twitter that posted this, is A TROLL! Real Barry Hankerson doesn't have ANY social media profile, his daughter confirmed it years ago, when first fake account was created ("Barry_Hankerson") - it's the same troll behind both profiles. So NO, no documentary about Aaliyah is coming to @netflix. Spread the word! #aaliyah #aaliyahhaughton #barryhankerson #blackground #netflix #aaliyahsdiaries #aaliyahdiaries #fake"

Getting so tired of this! 😩 Remember not to believe ANYTHING unless told otherwise either from Mama Diane or Rashad or official sources which in this case would be Netflix. The fact that Netflix have not announced anything proves that this statement is a lie period.

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