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What's good people? Hope all my readers are doing well out there! :o) Now it was only a matter of time until I gave you my own personal views on this matter, so without further a due continue to read on. If you guys remember I made a few posts about this beforehand which you can read here and here. For all those who haven't read the previous posts, I suggest you do, so that it gives you a better understanding of what's been going on. 

Now as you can see from above, a potential candidate who goes by the name of Tristin Mays auditioned for this role and expressed herself via Instagram, telling us how she unfortunately did not get booked for the role of The Aaliyah Story: A VH1 Original Movie. Personally I am quite surprised as Rashad Haughton made it very clear a few weeks back via Twitter that there was no movie happening, which leads me to believe that The Haughton Family are against the film being released. Some people have been wondering why some are not in favor of this movie being released, well the fact remains that if The Haughton Family do not agree to this movie, I too shall not be supporting it either, case closed. 

At the end of the day, we have to look at the bigger picture and realise that it's not just any type of movie, it's a movie based on a real life person, someone to whom people knew as a friend, crush, lover, sister, daughter, singer, actress, model etc... If the family are 100% for it, than by all means continue, since a project like this needs to be handled in the correct manner with the people who knew her best. I also strongly believe that if there is going to be a movie, Aaliyah deserves more than just a VH1 production, I mean she only acted in Romeo Must die, Queen Of The Damned and would of also been in The Matrix and Honey if she were still alive, so I say no more! What do you guys think? Are you yay or nay?

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