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So it seems as though another person has auditioned for this 'Aaliyah role'. She goes by the name of Keshia ChantéA lot of you will probably know her famously for her paying homage in a few magazine photoshoots, where she depicted our beloved Babgygirl. We have also encountered some fake fans who from those very same pictures, have gone on to claim it's Aaliyah (like seriously are you dumb? lol) To narrow it down, this is the girl who people have always talked about in terms of her high resemblance with Aaliyah 'looks wise'. Now I aint gonna lie, she does have 'some' resemblance towards Babygirl, not 100%, but you can definitely see it. From the picture shown below, Keshia Chanté posted a very alluring picture of herself with the caption –"The Audition"

Now, this movie has been going 'back & forth' since 2008 since The Haughton Family have not given it the thumbs up, and rightly so. When it comes to their daughter it's a very sensitive subject so people need to understand why they are so against it. What is interesting is something that I am going to share with you all right now. Courtesy to Necole Bitchie for sharing this information, but apparantly The Haughton Family have no control on whether the film gets released or not. Now hold up...can I have a 'say whaaaa' moment? Yes, you read that correctly! Some time back in 2012 Keshia Chanté revealed this saying...

Keshia Chanté: "What I will say is…I did meet a few people production company wise that are developing the Aaliyah movie and they spoke to me about playing her in the biopic of her life. And from my understanding, there are people trying to create a movie and Aaliyah’s family are still mourning her loss and aren’t ready to share her story and create a film. So there’s a bit of back and forth thing with her family and with creative people.
…unfortunately from my understanding they don’t have complete control of her estate. So a movie could technically be made without them green lighting it and I kind of think that’s unfortunate. So I want her family to be on board and to be happy with it. It’s still kind of lingering in the air. I would love to play the part. I’m a huge fan of Aaliyah…I would want to do it justice and exceed people’s expectations of it."

And there you have it! No doubt Aaliyah's Uncle Barry Hankerson has had some (infact majority) involvement in all of this, which I am sure most of you will agree on. It's just not right! My heart goes out to The Haughton Family right now because this has gone way too far! Smh... 

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