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The Aaliyah Archives: News

Now, before I discuss Timbalands new album, and how both Aaliyah and Static Major relate to this topic, here is a little background knowledge behind his upcoming album for this year, and the reasons as to why he changed the name. As all of you Timbaland fans know, his fourth studio album which was originally going to be titled Shock Value lll, but later changed in 2013 to Textbook Timbo during his tour with Jay-Z, this no doubt became literally a 'shock' to most people out there, but Timbaland himself explains the reason why...

Timbaland: " This is 'New Tim.' I've done some changing. I am much more in touch with me. ... I was feeling myself a little too much. When you're from the streets, you just don’t want to get close to people. You’re in a different world that you just aren’t used to. Like, I’m cool, get away from me."  

It seems to me as if we may be getting our old Timbo back again. Personally for me, since listening to his production on Justin Timberlakes 20/20 Experience album, it has clearly shown how he is heading towards the right path musically. I have no doubt that Timbo's new album will assure to have us surprised in a good way. Now you all may be wondering, so how does Aaliyah and Static fit into the picture?

Well, courtesy of +Textbook Timbo for sharing this important information, as it has come to my attention that Timbaland's younger brother Sebastian revealed via his Twitter account that a song called 'Last Nite (Interlude)' will be shown as a special tribute and dedication to both our beloved Babygirl and Static Major. Both of whom were very close friends of Timbo. Sebastian also stated and confirmed that at one point, the tribute was so moving that it had everyone in the studio teary eyed with emotion. Wow, now that's some emotional stuff right there! I can only wonder and wait patiently as to what this song will sound like. All Aaliyah and Static Major fans would most definitely wanna hear this song for sure! :o)   

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