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Aaliyah As Featured Cameo in Timbaland feat. Playa, Magoo & Missy Elliott's: Here We Come

Released: November 1998
Recorded: 1997/1998
Label: Blackground/Atlantic/Virgin

First and foremost I would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter! :o) I hope you are all in good spirits. Now I know I have not been posting much, but for those who are wondering I am well and alive! ;) I have a lot of drafts that I have yet to post, so lets get down to business shall we? lol Now awhile ago, I posted a lot of cameo appearances where our beloved Babygirl happened to feature in, so I would like to continue posting the rest of her cameo appearances so that we have a complete archive. 

Now here's a classic joint which takes me wayyy back! Here We Come featuring the likes of Timbaland, Magoo, Missy and backing vocals from R&B group Playa, was the lead single from Timbaland's solo debut album – 'Tim's Bio: Life From Da Bassment'. The music video itself was premiered in mid October 1998, on music channel MTV2 (that channel definitely takes me back!). Now, although the song charted and was released via radio airplay in November 1998, it did not gain any 'physical release' in the US until March 2nd 1999 and October 5th 1999 for Germany (shows how much patience people had back then!).

Personally, as I do with any video/track from the Timbo Fam, since Ginuwine also features as a guest cameo, these guys were so ahead of their time it's unreal. The whole idea of transforming a music video into a moving graphic novel was just original for it's time. If we look back at other music videos during the early 2000's, we have also encountered this with other artists too, such as Mariah Carey and Eminem. If you listen to the track carefully, you can hear the songs concept and interpolation based on the early Spider-Man comic series, showing that playful, childish superhero/heroin side in us all. And as always, our beloved Babygirl is looking extra fly with the highlights in her hair! Love it! :D Anyhoo, peep the videos below to compare and contrast the musicality! The bottom video can only be viewed via youtube, so click on the link and it should direct you. Enjoy everyone! :o)

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