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The Aaliyah Archives News: Stop Lifetime Production on Aaliyah Dana Haughton!

I don't think I need to say anymore on this topic, since true Aaliyah fans already know wassup. But for those who need a little background information and some educating, I shall bring it to the table. It seems as though Lifetime are still pressing foward with this 'Aaliyah Biopic' despite all the fury and outrage we as fans have expressed. It has also come to our attention that Wendy Williams (yes you read that correctly!) will be the Executive Producer of this film. She is already notoriously known for being one who thrives in other peoples lives and gossip, and she has already expressed on many occasions on how she wants to dig a little deeper into Aaliyah's personal life, including the conspiracy behind R.Kelly. 

You can clearly see, that no fucks have been given, since all she sees is dollar bill signs! I have also read upon other blog sites, and quite frankly I am simply appalled at the level of narrow minded thinking people have towards us Aaliyah fans. All this talk about how we were not happy with Zendaya, solely based on the colour of her skin and ethnicity? Like really now? People forget the bigger picture, the picture above the very words I am typing as we speak. The Haughton Family are my main priority and concern, and anyone who disagrees with this is either not a true fan of Aaliyah and jumping on the bandwagon, or they simply lack morals and respect towards Aaliyah's family! Do people not have a heart nowadays? Smh...

Don't get it twisted though, of course I would love to see a film based on my favorite music artist, but without the family's blessing how can you support it? The new actress who will be replacing Zendaya, goes by the name of Alexandra Shipp. If that's not all, here are some quotes from Wendy Williams talking about the Aaliyah Biopic on her show.

Wendy Williams: I’ve been rallying around about this Lifetime movie about Aaliyah. Telling the family stop complaining, it’s going to be on the small screen, small screen is the business. Very few people go to the movies anymore, you know what I mean? It’s expensive and the popcorn is no good for you. Well so, Zendaya apparently heard that I’ve been rallying around her and she sent me a little thing through the computer saying “Thank you Mrs. Wendy for you supporting me and that just happened on Friday. Well dog gone it, do you know that now on Monday that we found out that Zendaya has pulled out of the movie?” That’s your fault! You! And whoever said she was too light to play Aaliyah, that’s your fault. You got on this girl’s back and now she’s chickened out. I can’t believe were still dealing with light/dark in 2014; it’s about the spirit of the movie. I thought that she would be a great Aaliyah because I don’t know enough about Zendaya so she wouldn’t be distracting me.

She also said...

Wendy Williams: The production has been put on hold. Well, they have to find a new Aaliyah, plus you know the family of Aaliyah will not let the movie play the music. Something tells me that this movie is not going to get made. Well I hope you’re happy Aaliyah’s family because Aaliyah was a beautiful, talented girl and there’s a whole new generation of people that might of have gotten turned onto Aaliyah to her past music, you know the music she has out and now nobody’s going to see it. Unless they can find an Aaliyah that’s apparently dark enough to suit you all and maybe the people can get the family to play the music.

First and foremost, who is she to be talking to The Haughtons in such a rude, foul mannered? You don't mean shit to them anyways! Besides, Aaliyah's legacy has been going on strong for 13 years and counting, so why would we need the help of a hot ass mess film that would only tarnish the 13 years that we as true fans have held down for our beloved Babygirl? We do fine without you so get the fuck out of here! Very seldom to I swear on my blog, but I am mad as fuck right now since this lies heavily, close to my heart. I can just imagine Aaliyah and her Father Michael looking down on all of this, being hurt by how NO ONE has even bothered to ask for her family's blessing. My heart goes out to Diane and Rashad beause right now this is where they need us the most. We have helped them through some dark times, with all the letters, emails, poems and artwork that have been sent over the years via Aaliyah's official site. They truly deserve much better than this, so this is where I need all of my Team Aaliyah familia to help me out.

We as fans have the power! We are the consumers/buyers, fan base etc... Our opinion counts, so don't think we can't do anything, since the power of our voices together can help tackle this issue! Whatever you do, DO NOT keep quiet! Here are a list of things you can do right now to be pro-active in order to put an end to this movie once and for all!

Step 2: Contact Wendy Williams directly via

Step 3: Contact Lifetime directly via

Touching all bases! Voice your opinion! Let it be known!

Step 4: Contact Martin Chase Productions via

Telephone, fax, write a 4 page letter if you have to! 

Step 5: Contact Tracy 'Twinkie' Byrd via

Another person who is behind the scenes of this nonsense!

Step 6: The most IMPORTANT contact of all! 

I personally made this myself just to get the message across!
Aaliyah is up in heaven hurting over her Family right now!

Show your undenying support and love for Diane and Rashad Haughton, since they are the ones who need it the most. I don't normally post images of a sensitive nature, but in this case I have no choice. I am quite a spiritual person and I believe Babygirl along with her Father Michael Haughton, is looking down on all of this right now feeling saddened and hurt that NO ONE has taken their family into consideration. What has happened to our world today? Do people not have a heart or conscience? Or is it because money talks! The root of all evil! Do the right thing and speak for what is right!

If that's not enough then peep the tweets from Aaliyah Haughton's Official Twitter page here! I say no more...

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